Decorating Your Home According To The Season

by Editor on May 16, 2013

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We tend to think of home décor as being something permanent; something fixed. When we choose new flooring or paint for the walls, it is a long term decision and we know that we will have to live with our choice for several years.

However, while there are many permanent elements which contribute to home décor, there are also smaller, more temporary elements which we can alter as and when we see fit. You can even go so far as to have a different look for summer and winter as cumulatively, these small changes can make a big difference. As a rather obvious example of what can be achieved, think about Christmas when the entire look of our home might be altered for just a week or two with no great effort on our part.

Home furnishings

While no-one is going to have separate summer and winter sofas, there are other home furnishings which can easily be changed. For example, all it takes is the changing of a few cushion covers to create a lighter, more summery look. We can then switch back to warmer colours when the nights start to draw in.

Similarly, you can do a lot to change the feel of a room with a rug. Rugs come in many different forms and each creates a certain ambience. Sheepskins, for example, are more closely associated with the winter, conjuring images of roaring fires in ski lodges or some such scenario. Conversely, a lighter, thinner rug might be more suitable for warm weather and it might also prove easier to clean, which may well be a major concern if people are frequently walking in and out of the house.

Decorative items

We can also create a different atmosphere using decorative items – again, think of the Christmas example for evidence of the potential impact of this. There’s no need to persevere with the same photographs on the mantelpiece or sideboard, for example. You can switch photos according to the season – something that is even easier if you make use of digital photo frames. In the winter, you might want to display pictures of yourself walking in the snow or skiing, while in the summer, you might favour summer holiday pictures. Or perhaps you would prefer it the other way round so that you have reminders of warm weather when it’s dark outside.

In summary

There are many aspects of your home which contribute to its feel. It’s not just the furniture and the major aspects of the décor. You can achieve a great deal through making a number of seemingly minor changes. It won’t change the style of the room, but it will change the tenor and most of us benefit from a bit of a change every now and again.

Furthermore, this gives you an opportunity to experiment a little. You can tweak the look of your house and see if other approaches might offer something different. Home design doesn’t need to be fixed. It can evolve over time, improving with every step.

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