Decorate Your Pool Area for Safety-Conscious Style

by Editor on September 6, 2013


Once you’ve installed your new swimming pool, you’ll want to make sure the area surrounding it reflects your style as much as the rest of your yard and house does. The following are some quick tips for decorating your pool area in a stylish — and safety-conscious — way.

Keep Safety Features in Mind When Selecting a Color Theme

There are a few safety features a responsible pool owner should install along with the pool. For example, it’s best to install fencing or a swimming pool net. Because these are quite large, you’ll need to take them into consideration when planning the overall visual effect of your pool area. But, even though they’re large, they don’t have to detract from your overall decoration. You can easily find fencing and nets in colors and patterns that can inspire the rest of your decorative theme. Colors can also be important when you’re choosing tiles for the poolside area and for steps into your pool. Try to have brighter colored tiles on step edges and on the lip of the pool so guests can easily see where they put their feet.

Take Care With Materials

When choosing the materials you’ll use in the pool area — from fancy pavers to your garden furniture —— you’ll need to think carefully about the materials these are made of and how they will react to moisture contacting them. For pavers, cement and tiles, you’ll need to be extra careful to choose materials that are both pleasant to look at and non-slippery. Most decorators recommend taking a few samples home with you, getting them wet and trying them out before making your final purchase. If you have children at your home or children frequently visit your pool, you may also want to think about choosing materials and designs for the flooring and steps that are accessible to shorter legs and gentle on sensitive feet. This is an important factor when selecting outdoor furniture for around the pool as well.

Install Adequate Lighting

Dim lighting in your backyard can be mysterious and even romantic, but if you have a pool party you’ll probably do best with levels of light controlled by a series of switches. This way, you can choose whether to have the lights on brightly or not. For safety, it’s best to have a well-lit pool so guests can easily navigate their way past the pool and by any sharp edges. If you plan on using the pool frequently after dark and aren’t satisfied with the underwater lights installed with your pool, you can get floating lights. These add another level to your illumination and can be quite pretty. If you’re concerned about children and animals getting into the pool area unsupervised, motion-sensor lighting is a useful feature to install as well.

Remind Your Guests That Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Putting up large harshly lettered signs reminding kids to behave in the pool is no way to win any design awards. However, you should have some kind of reminder for everyone to be safe in the water. Once you’ve decided on your theme and have chosen materials, see if you can work in some hand-lettered or quirky signs to help people remember water safety. A lifesaver from a ship or an airplane’s “life vests under seats” sign may seamlessly fit into your design and catch attention without being ugly.

Create Levels in the Pool for Fun and Safety

Even if you have a small pool, you or your guests may find yourselves getting tired after long hours in the water. If you haven’t installed your pool yet, you may think about getting one that has an end that is shallow enough to sit in. If you’ve already put in your pool, don’t worry; you can also purchase floating recliners for your pool that allow you to enjoy the water without exerting yourself too much. It’s important to have other floatation devices ready to access around the pool as well so no one risks getting too tired.

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