Cure Your Fear of Color and Make Your Home Come to Life

by Admin on June 11, 2013

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Endless expanses of white, beige and cream are safe and neutral. It’s almost guaranteed that your walls won’t clash with your drapes, furnishings or flooring.  And it’s also guaranteed to bore you to distraction. There’s no reason to settle for drab, lifeless walls in your home, especially if you’re a home owner. Even if you’re a renter, you’re almost always allowed to repaint the walls, as long as you restore the original color when you move out. Following a few color guidelines can help bring your rooms to life and truly make a home of your house or flat.

Overall Tonal Scheme

While you may want to use different colors in different rooms, it makes sense to develop an overall tonal scheme for your entire home, especially if you have a small house or flat. Employ the assistance of design outfits such as Betta Living to help you develop a tonal scheme that will fit with your personal tastes and make the most of the rooms of your home.  A tonal scheme can be based on varying shades of a single color, or assorted combinations of complimentary colors and patterns.

Harmonious Balance

Perhaps you have wonderful, richly-carved wood or porcelain antiques that have been handed down through generations of your family that you can’t bear to part with, yet, at the same time, most of your home is furnished in sleek, modern lines. How do you reconcile these two extremes? Actually, wise use of color can solve many of these challenges. Try painting your heirlooms to match or coordinate with your modern furnishings – just make sure you’re not going to cause irreparable damage to them. If that’s not a realistic option, choose a color for your wall covering or flooring that coordinates with the colors of your heirloom piece, as well as your modern furnishings. Color can also be used to balance large pieces with smaller pieces, or to cover blemishes in those great yard sale or flea market finds.

Bold Contrasts

Color can be used to create a bold statement wall, such as a deep red hue to frame a brick fireplace. Bright, bold colors can also add a splash of excitement to a room in the form of accessories and accent pieces like pillows or throw rugs.  If you cannot paint the walls of your home for some reason, incorporate bold contrasts in your furnishings, floorings and wall hangings to avoid the institutional look that sometimes results from large expanses of open wall space.

Breaking the Rules

As a rule of thumb, decorators advise their clients to avoid “hot” colors in the bedroom or to avoid painting entire rooms black. While many decorating rules are based on sound principles, you really must use your own judgment in determining whether you can get away with bending the rules.  Bright colors can work as accent pieces in the bedroom if they’re balanced with more restful shades. Black walls won’t look cave-like in a room with large windows that is flooded with light.  If the end results look good to you and you’re comfortable with them, then that’s all that matters.

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