Cromapol: Effective Roof Coating

by Editor on April 30, 2013


Cromapol: The Ideal Choice For Roof Coating

Cromapol is already known in the roof coating market to be a cost-effective choice. Over the years, it continued to establish itself as a revolutionary product, transforming roof repair and protection into a job that is possible to do yourself. It is a high performance acrylic based roof coating that is reinforced with fibres, giving it strength and durability. It is not only waterproof but offers numerous other benefits too, which will be explored below. Today the demand for Cromapol acrylic roof coating has increased tremendously and there are many companies which are offering a wide range of products for all your roofing needs and requirements.

What Is Cromapol?

Technically speaking Cromapol is an ultra violet stable, solvent relied, multi-purpose roof coating membrane. But despite the complexity of Cromapol’s properties, it is actually very easy to apply using roller or brush so is certainly something you can do yourself. Handily, and unusually, Cromapol can tolerate damp surfaces, although as with any kind of application, for the best outcomes apply to a dry surface if possible. It is available in a range of different colours to best suit your roof.

Benefits Of Cromapol

Some of the key benefits of Cromapol roof coating are:
1. It doesn’t wash off and is completely waterproof
2. Gives excellent and effective solar reflectivity
3. It can be applied in damp weather
4. It is completely flexible
5. It is economical
6. Gives instant protection and application in a single coat
7. It is unaffected by temperature
8.  It has a reinforced membrane

One of the best things about Cromapol is that it offers additional flexibility and performance. It is tremendously diverse and is the right choice for a huge range of different roof materials such as slate, lead, pitched & flat roofs, roof lights, corrugated asbestos, metal, glasshouses, roofing felt, gutters, and fibre glass.  It adheres to the surface beautifully and will not wash off while curing. Drying time can take anything up to seventy two hours depending on the ambient temperature. Used correctly, it should complement your building in all aspects.

Do Your Research

The compound offers exceptional value for money when it comes to emergency flat roof repairs and weatherproofing. When choosing roof protection however it is essential to do your research. There are many shoddy fake compounds on the market and it is best to find a source which stocks authentic Cromapol. Before buying you should establish your requirement and set your budget. Cromapol is available in different packing sizes up to twenty kg so you can buy according to your usage
Many people have used this and get brilliant results from it. It is available in predominantly shades of white, grey and black colours to give a natural look. The internet is probably the easiest way to find the best provider for Cromapol roof coating and get an idea of the various prices being asked by different suppliers. The next thing to do is to make a list of the best value providers and choose the one who meets your requirements in all aspects such as cost, colours etc.

Protect Yourself While Protecting Your Roof

Cromapol has been loved by building and roofing professionals for years and is now making its mark on the DIY market due to its brilliant versatility and ease of use. If you are going to tackle roof repair or maintenance yourself your safety is paramount.  Follow the Government’s Health and Safety advice for ladder use and wear a mask to avoid breathing in fumes. By following these simple guidelines you can protect yourself while protecting your roof with Cromapol!

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