Creating Space throughout the Home

by Admin on August 31, 2013

Our living room  2Everyone covets space in the home. Life brings about endless clutter, most of which ends up obstructing a perfectly good portion of the house for years and is never properly removed. Aside from those who can afford a weekly maid, we are all guilty of amassing a certain amount of clutter, so it’s little wonder why a spacious living space is such an attractive quality. Impress guests and relatives with your minimalistic style and follow these tips to create the illusion of a larger home in all areas of the house.


Small, poky kitchens are a nightmare, especially for families larger than four. Luckily, even the tiniest of kitchens can be altered drastically with a touch of remodelling and decorating. For quick, low-cost changes, you could consider a reshuffle of your appliances such as re-installing the microwave in a more convenient spot or placing the dishwasher directly beneath the sink if possible. For a costly but more effective alteration, knocking out a wall or changing the design of your cabinets can make a significant difference to space. Removing upper cabinets or re-installing them nearer to the ceiling creates a higher vertical gap, instantly producing a larger workspace.


The biggest exponents of clutter in the bathroom are ones with individual baths and shower units. With or without a bath and shower combo however, space can still achieved by making use of certain objects. Placing a stand-alone medicine cabinet beneath the basin can give the impression of a higher ceiling – just make sure it has a lock to disallow small hands any access. Also, adding a shoulder length mirror is a great way to create a roomy look for less.


Consider a bed with built-in storage units or use the free space under your bed wisely and buy a handful of plastic storage crates to fit snugly underneath. For more drastic space-saving measures, create an extension to fit bay windows. Not only do they look gorgeous but the area beneath the window can be used for a storage bench, giving a home to extra clutter in a stylish disguise.

Living room

The great thing about the living room is the fact that the furniture and overall look can be re-arranged fairly easily. However, if no amount of musical chairs can create space, create the illusion of it by repainting the walls in a lighter shade. Whites and pastel colours open up a room while darker shades make a small space appear even more closed in.

A clutter-free living space makes everything simpler in the home and is sure to impress buyers when you move on. Ensure your effort catches the eye of buyers when you sell it on by using a great value letting site such as

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