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by Editor on May 20, 2013


The 1950’s was one of the most popular decades and it’s so easy to see why! Elvis strutting his stuff, big American cars, ridiculous Rock n Roll, post war optimism and great big cocktails served from wonderful drinks cabinets!

The 50’s had such a great look and in many ways, one that is timeless. Fashion made a big statement with wholesome prints such as gingham, polka dot and the sexy pencil line skirt. The 50’s had such a distinctive look that today there are many events and vintage fairs which take place where you can enjoy dressing up, listening to nostalgic music or simply admiring this unique and timeless style.

The 1950’s also lends a big hand to a lot of contemporary furniture designs which are available today. The 1950’s cocktail cabinet was one such design which many people remember from the decade. Available in a range of different styles, some more unstated than others, yet all about making a statement in the home.

The 1950’s Cocktail Cabinet

If you enjoy entertaining friends and are looking for stylish addition to your contemporary home, then a 1950’s cocktail cabinet could be just what you are looking for. You can either create a bar area Retro 1950’s style or you could choose to buy a vintage cabinet.

There are a wide range of second hand cocktail cabinets available and they vary widely in price. They are available in many different sizes too, so make sure you measure the space in which you want your cabinet to fit before you start your search.

If you prefer to build a bar at home then you can employ the services of a joiner to create your bar and area for you. A cocktail bar will need space which you and your guests can sit at and so again, look at the available space. A simple bar with two bar stools is usually enough to make a statement and yet not take up a huge amount of space.

Cocktail bars are also available online and there are some fabulous kitsch 1950’s designs to be found second hand. Some are made from Wicker in a Tikki style (think chintzy Hawaii) whilst others are more substantial wooden and glass constructions. The choice and style is completely to your personal taste and the space you have available in your home. Be sure to take a look on the second hand websites such as eBay and gum tree for a range of choices, styles and ideas at some great prices. You never know, you might just grab that retro bargain!

When creating a Retro 1950’s cocktail bar you need to think about the accessories too. So pick up some kitsch cocktail glasses or a soda stream and be sure to stock up on the cherries and mini umbrellas! Think glamour, glitter and sparkle and keep it tongue in cheek.

You can also find some superb retro cocktail recipes at where you can recreate a Tom Collins, a Pina Colada, Sidecar or a Dirty Martini all in the comfort of your own home and retro bar!

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Guest post by Sarah Lerou, putting together a chic 50s cocktail lounge with retro finds and elegant contemporary furniture.

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