Contemporary Chandeliers For Upscale Homes Are Bringing In The New Trends Of Home Decors

by Staff Editor on June 11, 2013

Curly Light

An opulent chandelier hanging from a high ceiling of a ballroom is an iconic image that reminds us of the castles of the bygone era. Ornate chandeliers delicately transformed the decor of the homes of the influential and wealthy, declaring their status with their exquisite beauty. Back then, chandeliers were just light fixtures that would brighten up big rooms. They were the primary source of light in any room; thus, the grand size. Unfortunately, over the years, the purpose of a chandelier was lost due to modern lighting systems like tube lights, bulbs and lampshades. Therefore, the popularity of the chandelier also decreased gradually.

Chandelier in the changing times

Just like in the fashion world, older styles are doing the rounds of the market again to bring forth a new trend. Home decor trends are no exception to this rule. The latest trends creating history are the glamorous chandeliers. They are increasingly being used to declare the owner’s wealth and status. The modern day chandeliers have a few features that set it apart from their traditional counterparts. These new features make them contemporary, creating an instant spot in every interior designer’s decorating list. They are extensively being used in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

The new avatar of the chandeliers

  • Re-purposed

Illumination is no longer the sole purpose of the chandelier. Instead, they are used more as a source of mood lighting. They create a different ambiance in the room that elevates the look of the room. It can transform a simple living area into a romantic party setting. Apart from this, chandeliers are also used to make a design statement. They help establish the tone of the room, especially if it is a theme based room.

  • Refurnished

Chandeliers in the olden days were primarily made from glass and iron. But the ongoing trend is to use diverse materials to create chandeliers depending upon the room they are being used in. Though chandeliers made from metal and wrought iron is still popular, stylists prefer to paint them to match the color of the room. Artists are also experimenting with non-traditional materials, dainty materials like paper or stained glass to achieve a contemporary look.

  • Re-sized

Most homes today do not have the liberty of space to hang huge chandeliers in the middle of the room. The ceiling height is reduced and a big chandelier may not blend in well considering the size of rooms these days. Instead, mini chandeliers are a fantastic option to include in the decor of the room. They occupy less space and are ideal when the ceiling height is low.

  • Restyled

Traditional chandeliers were elaborate with their intricate detailing which gave a sense of extravagant luxury. Today, we see a vast contrast. Homeowners love the minimalistic look and prefer to keep the design elements simple but effective. In a contemporary chandelier, a subtle design element with a pop of color or abstract additions is what is preferred. It is not about elaborate home decor but it’s about being simplistic and stylish.

Due to modern contemporary designing, chandeliers are no longer expensive. Rather, they are chic and urban and can fit in your limited finances easily. They give your home an upscale look even when you are on a tight budget.

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This article is authored by Harry Cullen, a leading interior designer. His contemporary furniture options are not only stylish but also very functional. He shares useful home improvement tips and tricks through his articles.

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