Common Problems With Clothes Dryer

by Editor on June 3, 2013

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Gone are the days when one would use a drying rack or a clothesline to dry their laundry. With the fast paced lives that most of us have, dependable and efficient household appliances have become an absolute necessity. Nothing is more frustrating that a clothes dryer that breaks down at the most unfortunate time. Below are some common problems that one could face with this appliance.

No Heat

If your clothes come out moist, it could mean that the dryer is not producing enough heat. Most electric dryers use two circuit breakers or fuses. If one circuit breaker has tripped, the drum will still rotate but there will be no heat. You will have to reset the circuit breaker(s) or replace the fuse(s). If it’s a gas dryer, make sure the supply line valve is open.


If the dryer is vibrating too much or producing a banging sound, the dryer may not be on a level surface. Adjust the legs of the dryer such that each leg firmly grips the floor. Also, check if there are small items like buttons or coins in the drum. Use a flashlight to look for such things. Always check the pockets before loading clothes in the dryer. Sometimes there is a thumping sound when clothes become balled up. Stop the dryer, separate the clothes, and then reload them into the dryer. Don’t be alarmed if a gas dryer produces a clicking sound during operation; this is the normal sound of the gas valve opening and closing.

Dryer Does Not Start

Often it’s the door that’s not closing properly and this prevents the dryer from starting. Make sure there is no lint in the latch. Check the circuit breakers and fuse, and then the power supply. Another problem could be the start knob. Make sure the knob is working properly.

Clothes Take Longer to Dry

The simplest solution is to clean the lint filter. A dirty filter obstructs air flow, which is necessary for proper drying. Another thing that you need to check is the exhaust vent. Moisture accumulates within the drum if the exhaust vent does not open and close properly. Check the movement of air under the exhaust hood. If air is not flowing, the vent may be blocked and may need to be cleaned properly. Also, make sure the exhaust pipe is connected properly and is not twisted somewhere.

Sometimes the dryer does not work efficiently because the load is too large and the clothes may not be receiving heat evenly. Furthermore, if the room is too cold the dryer’s effectiveness is affected; make sure the dryer is installed in a room where the temperature does not go below 45 degrees. To further improve the effectiveness of the dryer, make sure there is sufficient ventilation around the appliance. There should be at least a five-inch gap between the back of the dryer and the wall. If the dryer is in a closet, make sure there is at least a one-inch gap between the front of the dryer and the closet door.

These are some of the common problems that a clothes dryer may encounter. If one of these simple solutions does not fix your problem, call a repairman before the problem gets worse.

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