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by Editor on November 6, 2013

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It seemed like only yesterday you were bringing your newborn son or daughter home from the hospital, and now they are walking and talking with the best of them. So much in fact, that you realize that as they are preparing for milestones like preschool, it’s time that you designed a playroom for them.

Being that there are so many decor options to choose from, we can certainly understand if you’re a bit overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the one that you feel your child will be totally in love with. That’s why we wanted to take out just a moment to provide you with some colorful and fun kid’s playroom design ideas below:

Consider a jungle theme. If your child likes to read books about lions, giraffes and monkeys, why not create them their own jungle theme? It’s not as hard as you might think. Just paint the walls the base color of green, hire someone to then add a mural on some of their favorite animals on one of them and get some faux trees from a local arts and crafts store. Your child will love it!

Give them a room made out of chalkboard (walls). Growing up, a lot of us probably remember getting into trouble for drawing on the walls of our parent’s house but thanks to chalkboard paint, this no longer has to be an issue. Whether your child has an accomplished artist deep inside of them just waiting to come out or they are just naturally curious about trying new things, by either creating an accent wall made out of chalkboard paint or creating the entire room out of it, they will have fun in there for hours writing their name or drawing a picture. You can even complement the walls with furniture in bright or neon hues to add a pop of color.

Make a puppet theater. Another fond memory that many of us have is going to the local library to watch a puppet show. If you would like to provide this kind of atmosphere for your own child, you can make a playroom that has a puppet theater kind of theme. The main thing to consider with this idea is whether or not you want to actually build the theater into the wall or not (which would require cutting a square out of it). But if their playroom is connected to their bedroom, it could be an awesome design concept. Shades of red, purple or yellow will make them feel like they’re literally at the local library’s puppet show.

Add a treehouse. Traditionally, when we tend to think about treehouses, we reserve them for outdoors. But there are actually some companies that design tree houses which are specifically for the inside of your home. Kids O Mania is one website that has a variety of options to choose from. Just go to the site and put “indoor treehouses” in the search field. Or, if you want to try and build one yourself, there are videos on YouTube that will walk you through the process.

Section off their bedroom. If their playroom is going to be interchangeable with their bedroom, another option is to section off one half of the room with something like a bright-colored curtain. You can even change the flooring on the playroom side to laminate hardwood or carpet tiles and add some really big pillows in shades of orange, green or pink. And for the finishing touches, when you’re looking cool gifts for kids, look for toys that are bright and colorful too like Legos. You can even build them a mini rock-climbing wall or add a small jungle gym. The possibilities really are endless. Whatever you decide, just remember to make it as fun as possible. Your child will love it!

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