Cleaning Your Home: Tips For Working Smarter

by Editor on May 19, 2013


While cleaning your home may not be enjoyable, a clean home is something you take pride in. Knowing that someone could drop by unexpected at any time is often incentive enough to keep things neat and tidy. However, with a busy life, it’s hard to get everything done. The following are just a few tips that will help you get your home clean in the least amount of time:

Create a Schedule
The problem that most people have is lack of time. By creating a household chore schedule, you will be able to stay on track and keep your house clean in the process. Dust one day and wash the floors another. Just be sure not to schedule too many tasks for one day or it could get a little overwhelming and something will be left undone.

Find the Best Cleaners
A lot of people have used the same old cleaning products for years. Technology has changed and so have household products. However, do not overlook age old remedies, such as using a lemon to clean water spots off your faucets. Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that work the best. You will also want to keep your supplies close by.

Use Your Vacuum
Vacuum cleaners should be considered your number one tool for household tasks. Most people do not utilize their vacuums as much as they should. For example, instead of taking your drapes down to dust them, the right vacuum cleaner can do the job more efficiently.

Create a Plan for Organization
Most people find that their homes are not so much dirty as they are cluttered. Junk mail, books, and laundry have an easy way of multiplying very quickly. The key is to create a system that will help you de-clutter your living space. For example, baskets and plastic bins are great for storing items neatly and will give your home a more organized appearance.

Clean Up Spills Immediately
Both children and pets can make a lot of messes in a short amount of time. You may not enjoy tagging along behind them to clean up after them, but you cannot ignore spills. A spilled liquid on almost any type of flooring can leave behind a stain. It is much better to clean them up immediately before they cause any further damage.

Don’t Let the Dirt In
Not everyone believes that a doormat goes with their décor, but the truth is that they do a fabulous job of keeping the dirt out of your home. Another option, of course, is to have all of your guests remove their shoes before entering your home. Either of these methods will help you to keep the dirt outside your home where it belongs.

Everyone should take pride in a clean home. After all, it can be a lot of work. However, you can make things simpler for yourself by taking advantage of social media online. Not only may you discover which vacuum cleaners are recommended by other homeowners, but you may just find some easier and better ways of cleaning.

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Stephanie Locker is a professional home cleaner. One of the devices she relies on most is her vacuum cleaner. and she highly recommends the products from Vacuum Warehouse if you want to get the job done right. To look at more of their models, visit their website now.

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