Cleaning From Outside In: How to Clean Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

by Admin on June 11, 2013

Cleaning From Outside In How to Clean Blinds, Shades, and ShuttersCleaning blinds and shutters has got to be the most annoying of the house chores. Thankfully, one does not need to do it too often, but given the tediousness of the job one may not do it as often as they ought to. This usually results in a thick layer of grime on the blinds that is even more annoying to remove. It’s a vicious circle but need not be so. This post takes a look at some straightforward ways to clean these window accessories and have your windows look spic and span in no time. The suggested methods are easy enough for you to incorporate window cleaning into your weekly routine.

1)     Take ’em off

Put on a pair of plastic gloves (and a mask if you are allergic to house dust). Close the blinds and take them off. Lay them on a hard surface. If they are made of plastic, spray onto them a cleaning liquid in copious amounts and wipe the blinds clean with a sponge soaked in soap water. Once that is done, wipe the blinds again, this time with a dry sponge or cloth. Turn the blinds on the other side and repeat. If you have wooden blinds lay off the water; use an oil-based cleanser instead. Wooden blinds are easier to clean as they are easier to get a grip on and need not be taken off.  Cloth-based blinds should be first soaked in soap water and then in plain water. You may bring a hair dryer to them once they have partially dried.

2)     Lay the blinds against a blackboard

In case you don’t want to take the blinds off, you may pull a broad-framed object, such as a blackboard, by the window and position it underneath the blinds so that the closed blinds can lay on this object neatly, all the way down. You can also use an old painting for this purpose; just make sure to turn it around when you put it underneath the blinds. With the blinds laid out in front of you, it will be easy for you to delicately rub them or wipe them clean as you will have a hard surface holding them in place. Again, spray the liquid onto them and in case the grime is too set, leave the liquid on for a minute or two, allowing the grime to dissolve. Make sure you have a cloth spread on the floor below to catch the dirt and the liquid falling from the blinds.

3)     Separate the shutters from the bugs

Shutters are easier to clean as they are set in place and do not move around when you take a cloth or sponge to them. Dust them first to get rid of dirt particles, cobwebs, or bugs trapped in them. You may then simply close them and wipe them clean with a strong dust-removing liquid, followed immediately by a clean sponge to remove the traces of the liquid. Alternatively, you may clean them with a broad brush. Soak the brush in a concentrated cleaning liquid and clean the crevices like you’d paint them.

4)     Go easy on the shades

Window shades are the trickiest to clean even though they are of an even surface which should make wiping them easy. It’s the delicate material that needs to be handled carefully. Vacuum clean the shades to begin with. Depending on the material, use hot or cold water (detergent soaked) and wipe the shades delicately with a sponge. If you can take them off and lay them down on a firm surface, you’ll get a better grip but this is not needed as they don’t move as much as the blinds.

5)     For window sills and panes

The job is not done until you have cleaned the window sills, the frames, and the panes, too. These can be vacuumed out and cleaned with dirt-removing liquid. There are, however, liquids available in the market that remove scratches and give a brand new gloss to any surface. Invest in such liquids to have your windows look impeccable. Polish your wooden window frames with an appropriate wax.

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