Cleaning External / Exterior Glass Doors

by Editor on May 10, 2013


External glass doors provide a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing entrance to your home but can be used equally as a garden door at the rear of the property or in a conservatory. Available in a wide range of styles with a choice of uPVC colours, glass types and leading or insets, it is possible to match the perfect external glass door to the character of your home, whatever its age.

Why install an external glass door?

Apart from the obvious improvements in terms of the visual appearance to your property, external glass doors offer a number of unique benefits.

Firstly they are easy to maintain with only regular cleaning necessary to maintain that new look, compared to the time consuming and laborious maintenance that other types of doors, such as the wooden variety, demand.

Also, external glass doors allow considerable natural light into your home which drastically improves the ambience of your living areas; the health benefits of natural light are now so widely acknowledged that even architects are planning how to increase it in new building designs. Natural light encourages the production of vitamin D which helps to boost the immune system, decreases the likelihood of some cancers and has powerful therapeutic effects on a range of disorders such as a diabetes and high blood pressure.
With a range of glass types available it is possible to maintain your privacy and reap the rewards of increasing natural light in your home, for example by using opaque glass that will prevent the neighbours from seeing in but will not diminish the passage of light into your property.

Furthermore, modern glass is a more effective insulator than ever before so you can enjoy the benefits of an external glass door without worrying about the loss of heat or the intrusion of outside noise.
Cleaning external glass doors

A glass door that is stained or dirty is unsightly and impacts upon its pleasing appearance, so regular cleaning is essential. With the right equipment it need not be a time-consuming or exhausting task.

The key to effective window cleaning is simplicity. You may be tempted by the vast array of commercial cleaners available in the supermarket but many will leave behind irritating smears that are more obvious the minute the sun catches the glass.

Vinegar is a fantastic time-proven ingredient that has effective cleaning properties on glass. Mix it with water (a 50/50 solution is fine) and spray it on from a clean bottle as if it was a commercial cleaner. Work from the top down, using broad sweeps with the cloth and not forgetting to get into the corners and edges where dirt has a habit of hiding.

Avoid using paper towels as these will only make the streaks worse. Squeegees and microfibre cloths provide a far more eye-catching result.

Buffing the glass to finish, using a clean cloth or chamois leather, will help to eradicate any smears or streaks that may persist. Remember to check the view from both sides of the glass to ensure that it is as clean as possible.

More is less!

As with most cleaning jobs, regular attention will provide a far more effective solution and require less time and elbow-grease so avoid being tempted to leaving the glass cleaning until the dirt is simply unbearable to look at. That way you will enjoy a crystal-clear view and reap the benefits of having installed external glass doors in your home.

About the Author

Author Colin McD. I took inspiration to investigate the best way to clean external glass sliding doors due to thinking I had done a fantastic job myself over the weekend, to then see all the smears left behind when walking towards my house the very next day. I had new doors installed a few weeks ago from and decided to give them a shine. I think I will leave it to the window cleaners next time!

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