Cleaning Bandsaw Blades: Three Top Methods that Work

by Admin on June 14, 2013

IMG_0158It is very important that you always aim to keep your bandsaw blades as clean as possible and always be mindful that certain materials you are working with such as wood, can leave a sticky residue that can have a detrimental effect on the effectiveness of your machinery.

Here is a look at three top methods that can get the job done and keep your custom welded bandsaw blades in perfect shape.

Orange citrus cleaner

You can use orange citrus cleaner to get an excellent result on your blade and make it come up really clean. First step is to dilute about one and a half ounces of orange citrus cleaner into a 12oz spray bottle and fill the remainder of the bottle up with water. Use the solution to spray the bandsaw blade and then allow it to settle for about one minute. To finish off, wipe the blade clean with a suitable clean cloth.

Oven cleaner

There are many woodworkers who consider this to be one of the methods you can use to keep your blade clean and in good working order. Start by spraying a fume-free oven cleaner directly onto the blade and leave it to work in for about 30 seconds to a minute. Using a garden hose, spray the blade in order to remove the buildup and oven cleaner that you has settled on it. Once you have done this, wipe down the blade with a rag that has already been soaked in WD40 oil or something of a similar quality and consistency. The end result should be a blade that is looking very clean and ready for further action, and one that is hopefully going to last a good while due to being well maintained.


Once you have carefully removed the blade from the bandsaw, set it aside safely and fill a bucket up with some kerosene.  Lower the blade into the bucket so that it is completely covered by the kerosene and allow it to soak overnight. You should store the bucket in a secure location such as a locked garage so that no children or pets have any chance of accessing this hazardous material whilst it is cleaning the blade.

The next day, remove the blade from the bucket containing the kerosene and thoroughly rinse it over with some fresh water before drying it with a suitable cotton cloth. To complete the cleaning process, wipe the blade with a rag that has already been soaked in WD40 oil, before re-inserting the blade and carefully disposing of the kerosene according to any safety instructions provided.

Safety advice & warnings

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure that you disconnect the power from your bandsaw.

Bear in mind that caustic chemicals found in oven cleaner products can sometimes corrode the binding agent that connects the carbide teeth to the bandsaw blade.

Make sure that you wear protective gloves and ensure that all of the oven cleaner is completely removed from the blade before using again.

Remember that Kerosene is extremely flammable and should always be handled with caution.

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