Choosing A Shower Door That Fits Your Style

by Editor on May 13, 2013

Shower of glass

Choosing a shower door for your bathroom is a tough decision and an especially costly one. As the prices can often vary tremendously, it often takes owners some time to make their final decision.

However, the cost shouldn’t be the only thing delaying your decision, as there are a lot of other things to keep in mind. This is a big decision and should be something you will love to look at for many years.

The style of your bathroom is one of the most important things to keep in mind before making your final decision, however there are also many other aspects to consider.


Clear is among one of the most popular choices for glass doors, however it also depends on the style of your bathroom. Although clear shower doors can match almost any style of bathroom, they are more popular with Mediterranean styles.

However, because of their simplicity, you can use them with practically any style.


Your decision on choosing a frosted shower glass door would also depend on the style of your bathroom. Some frosted doors have more privacy than others, depending on the manufacturer of the glass, You can also purchase a glass door that is clear with a frosted design that is etched on them, although, you are limited to the type of designs.

Frame or Frameless

This is one of the main features you will be considering when choosing your shower glass doors. You should keep this aspect of your decision in mind for both pricing reasons and style reasons.

The frameless gives off a complete all glass look, only consisting of hinges to hold together the door and pieces. Framed shower doors are less popular today but they are available in different finishes and are less costly that the frameless shower doors.

Make sure you consult with your contractor about this prior to ordering.

Your Shower Style

Your overall bathroom style is a big contributor but the setup and shape of your shower is another aspect that should be considered. Is it straight or a neo angle? These aspects should definitely be considered, as the style of shower door can either open up your bathroom to seem bigger, or close it up and make it look smaller.

A shower door can be the missing feature to you bathroom. In fact it can be just the essential to complete your bathroom. However, they do require some basic care to maintain the new and fresh look for many years.

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