Choose From These Exciting Garage Door Designs For Your Home

by Editor on May 29, 2013

Garage door

Depending on the exact location of your garage, you will either care way too much about how your garage door looks or not care at all. No matter what is the case, the garage door happens to be one of those things that you see every morning when you leave for work and every evening when you return from work. In our opinion this is reason enough to make sure that your garage door is just perfect, both from a functional perspective and also appearance wise.

The functional perspective is easy to understand. You use this every day and depending on how many cars you have in your household, your garage will find itself being used way too many times each work day. This usage only increases on the weekends when there will more traffic in and out of your garage. This is why of all the things that should be perfect in our lives, the garage door is definitely the one that should be perfect, functionally.

The only way to ensure that you get the functionality that you expect is to make sure that you obtain the garage door from a reputed provider. Finding a reputed provider is tough but some amount of search online and speaking to some friends, online and regular life, should help you narrow down and pick a reliable provider. That leaves your choice to the design.

Garage Door Expectations

When you are thinking of buying a garage door, be aware that there are many different designs. Each design is meant to cater to a particular type of requirement. What works out fine for your friend may not work out very well for your house. So, it is best that you know about all the available types of door designs and then make a reasonable choice based on the information you have obtained.

One design choice which you don’t have to worry about is whether or not you should go for the doors with remote control. Take our word for it, you really want to go for the remote control based doors, even if it means a little additional expenses. You could be the most active person ever, and you will still appreciate the fact that you don’t have to get down from the car every time you have to enter or exit your garage. If not you, your family members will totally like it if they can just use a remote to use the garage door.

Door Designs

Of all the designs that we have come across in our experience of dealing with a lot of home improvement installations, only a few leave a mark in our memory.

The first of these designs that seems to be the most popular option among many families across the city is the ‘Up and Over’ type of doors. This is the design type where the entire door is made of one single block of material. Whenever an exit or entry needs to be arranged for, the entire door lifts itself off the ground in one single motion, making way for the vehicle.

The best part about the up and over door is that its operation is simple and it has the lowest possible amount of moving parts. This translates to a garage door that requires very little in terms of maintenance and experiences less repairs over the years. The only drawback is that this door only works if there is a lot of room for it open and close.  Also, if you are in the habit of stopping your car right in front of the garage, than sometimes, very rarely, the door may strike your vehicle. In our opinion, most people won’t park right in front of the garage door but it can happen.

Glide Roller

The Glide Roller design is the garage door that rolls itself over a pipe during its opening and unrolls itself during closing.

This design, is definitely the best garage door to have. We mentioned earlier about the up and over design and how it might end up cracking on your vehicle. Such an event would never happen with the glide roller. If at all there is a drawback to this particular design is that it has a lot of moving parts. More moving parts mean higher maintenance effort and more chances of needing repair.

You do have two fantastic choices here and depending on your style, you can choose to go with either one of those. Personally, we like the up and over, because it is very low on maintenance!

About the Author

The author has the up-and-over garage door installed at his home from the very best company. That best company which he would not stop talking about is Weather Seal.

photo by: Salim Virji

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