7 Reasons To Buy Canvas Prints For Home

by Admin on February 26, 2014

Very recently, I made my first order from Printcopia. I’m not one to usually spend lots of time redecorating. Usually, less is more at home, the office and everywhere else. However, I’ve been meaning to change a picture at the office for a while now and got a great deal at Printcopia for a new canvas print. We all have that one picture, or several pictures, that we’ve been meaning to replace. For me, it was at the office. But, I have a few more to replace at home too. So, when we find a good deal, it’s easy to take action. My experience was good for a number of reasons. Mostly, because some parts are just easier than you think.

canvas2The first aspect that I love about our new canvas is how clean it looks. In comparison to traditional frames, the canvas print is very smooth and elegant. It looks way more modern and fresh. Remember, less is more for me. If you have too much clutter, this could be for you.

Next, the canvas print places an emphasis on the image. I chose a custom image and logo. The design process couldn’t be more simple. You choose the size you would like, upload your image an choose a background color if you need one. Then, you get a nice preview of the print.

The flexibility of sizes helps you fill your space nicely. Previously, I had a much smaller frame, but I was able to order a canvas print that was 44″ by 14″ for cheaper than the cost of a traditional frame that size! Most importantly, the room looks more balanced because I was able to order the size that would work best for my needs. When planning for your new print, try going for a bigger sized canvas. This looks much nicer on walls than 3 or 4 smaller pictures trying to fill the space.

The shipping was fast. To have the canvas printed and shipped, I thought it would take much longer than it did, especially because shipping was free with the deal I got. When the box arrived, the canvas was neatly packed and protected so it was in perfect condition to hang it.

Which brings the next headache of decorating, actually hanging the canvas. At first the canvas, seemed heavy. I liked that it was well made, but I was a little concerned about hanging it. As we all can relate, doing handy work isn’t much fun. Unless, you do that stuff for a living. It just might be your passion. For the rest of us, it’s a pain. Well, on the Printcopia site, you can order everything your need for a few bucks or more to hang the print easily. I picked up a couple D-Rings and wire. In about 10 minutes, the back end of the canvas was ready. So, I simply took of the old picture and hung my new canvas print!

So far, everyone loves it. I actually am happy to tell people where I got it because it was a great deal and most importantly, it looks great. When people walk by, the actually notice the room has changed. I’ve actually notice how much people didn’t like my previous decorating because they like the new print so much.

Lastly, with canvas prints, you can unleash your creative side. In your home or office, canvas prints let you depict what’s most important. Or, what you enjoy seeing most. For my office, it looks great just for my brand. However, at home, it can say so much more about you. And, it can change the feeling of a room, so choose wisely.

When you’re ready to clear that old picture or wall with 3 different pictures and replace it with one clean, modern looking canvas print, check out Printcopia. They offer some great deals on already cheaply priced quality prints. If you’re like me, you’ll be so pleased with the purchase, you’ll be telling others about it too! Thanks for reading and after getting your own print, send us an email with a picture. We’d love to share your experience too.

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