Can You Remove Bed Bugs Without Removing Your Bed?

by Editor on May 6, 2013


If you need to remove bed bugs in your home, you may wonder how difficult it would be to get rid of the pests. There are two answers for that. It is very difficult, if not impossible, if you try to eliminate the bugs yourself. Over-the-counter bed bugs treatment, like bug spray, not only will not get rid of the pests, but it could do more harm than good. That is because some people have seen their houses burn down thanks to the flammability of the chemicals.

Now, if you call in a trained pest control professional who is experienced in getting rid of bed bugs, the expert should be able to remove the bed bugs for you. That being said, many people get rid of their bed before calling in the pest control professional, thinking that this will eliminate the bed bugs problem.

Why simply dumping your bed will not eliminate the problem

However, throwing out your bed alone may not do the trick. First of all, bed bugs do not hide only in beds. So even if you dump your bed, you will not eliminate the problem. And the bed bugs could simply infest your new bed. Then how many beds are you going to have to buy in order to resolve the issue?

Another thing about getting rid of the bed is that the bed bugs could travel off the bed elsewhere in your home when you are carrying the bed out of your home. At any rate, this could give you a false sense of security.

You may not have to get rid of your bed at all

With many pest control experts, they are able to get rid of the bed bugs in your home without necessarily having to get rid of the bed bugs. It all depends on your individual situation. If your bed is completely infested with bed bugs, the bed bug expert may say you might have to get rid of it. But in many cases, like with the use of heat treatment to eliminate the pests, the bed is able to be saved, with the bugs destroyed with the heat treatment.

Bed bug encasements can help

After getting your bed treated for bed bugs, you might want to get a bed bug encasement around your bed. This can help make sure that your bed will not get infested again. To learn more about pest control, especially how to remove bed bugs, click here.

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