Can You Recover Your Investment On A Bedroom Remodel?

by Editor on May 9, 2013

2003 Christmas House Master Bedroom

Often, when people remodel their homes, one of the biggest expenses is a kitchen remodel. More money is put into cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances.

This is done mostly because people want to have their dream kitchen that they can enjoy and because of the return on their investment. Kitchens often give you the biggest return on your investment as kitchens and bathrooms are what most people first look at when looking to buy a house.

However, can you recover your investment when remodeling your bedroom? If you are looking to get a return on your remodel, first consider some of the following reasoning’s.

Attached Bathroom

If the bathroom is attached to the bedroom and not being shared, this would help in adding a larger return on investment. But if the bathroom is outdated, you might consider remodeling it first as outdated bathrooms are not interesting to a new buyer. This will also allow you to work your way through the bedroom.

However, if your bathroom is already new, improved or decently up kept, then a remodeled bedroom can increase the value.

Master Bedroom

Having a beautifully designed master bedroom with an enhanced wardrobe closet or walk in closet will definitely have an effect on your return on investment.

Closet space and having enough space for wardrobes is a very important feature for most people. Because of its importance, spending a little extra on closets, the latest sliding wardrobe doors and organizers will likely give you a good return on your investment and a great feature to gaze at.


Now if you are considering adding on another bedroom to your existing home, then you will more than likely yield a high return on your investment. A bedroom addition will also add more value to your home, especially if there is a bathroom added to it.

However, before jumping into such a big decision make sure you approach the planning with small steps and don’t rush anything or else you may regret it later. When adding to your home it is vital to remain patient and realistic.


Consider the location of your home in proportion to the value of the homes in the area. Many times people overdo it whether remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. In this case, over spending will not give you a good return on your investment.

As bedrooms most often don’t cost as much as kitchen and bathroom remodels to, it’s not a bad idea to first look at the condition of your kitchen and bathrooms when thinking about the return on your investment and whether they need upgrading before the bedroom.

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Robert works for a major construction company in his home town. His specialty is closet renovations and designing sliding wardrobe doors for all of their clients. He also specializes in garage renovations.

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