Buying a Quality Sliding Patio Door

by Admin on August 31, 2013

ANG_1461Sliding patio doors are a great way to maximize space in the home for less and bring all the beauty of the outdoors in. If you’re looking into installing a patio door, do your homework and ask around as much as possible before deciding upon a purchase. Sliding patio doors are built with many different frame styles and locking systems so it’s vital to choose a good quality style that won’t disappoint. Consider the following features carefully to make sure you get the most out of this stunning purchase.

Quality of Workmanship

The material of a sliding patio door affects its durability and overall performance so choose yours wisely. For the actual door panels, we recommend reinforced fiber glass – twice as strong as regular glass and easier to clean! The rollers on which the patio doors slide should be made of steel and not plastic. A steel belt is rugged and won’t crush or buckle as easily as plastic. This above all things is the sign of true quality in a sliding patio door.

Level of Performance

The mark of a high-performance patio door is one that can slide with very little effort, say by the touch of your index finger. Sliding doors with dual tandem steel rollers, as mentioned above will slide very easily, which in turn makes it easier to close and lock at night since a stiff roller mechanism may not guarantee a firm lock if it can’t fully connect with the corresponding frame.


The most important thing to consider when buying a sliding patio door is how secure the lock mechanism is. An aesthetically-pleasing sliding patio door is no good to you or your family if it can be vulnerable to break-ins. To ensure maximum security, a sliding door fitted with multi-lock points is a must. Some patio doors are fitted with only single point locking systems which are inferior and far from reassuring since potential burglars may be able to pick the lock.

Energy Efficiency

Last but not least, it is also worth finding out how green your sliding patio doors are. Good quality sliding doors will come with a ‘U-Value’ which rates its energy efficiency so look for doors with this and the energy star symbol. Also, choose a door frame style which will minimize drafts and improve insulation. Double-paned insulated frames are a must to keep heat in and save on heating bills in the winter months. Tightly fitted patio door frames will also help maintain the internal temperature in the home as well as control air infiltration.

When choosing your sliding patio door, make sure it is as easy to seal as it is to operate. Handle Store provides a wide selection of secure window and door handles to suit almost every home and taste.

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