Ten Important Considerations If You’re Thinking Of Building Your Home

by Admin on January 22, 2014

Building Your HomeIt is very exciting to design and build your own home. You can get the look and conveniences exactly the way you want them. Since it could be the most expensive undertaking in your life, you should think about a few things to make sure you get them right the first time. Here are ten things to consider before you plan and build, so you will have few regrets later.

1. When looking for land for your new home, remember the old saying, the three most important considerations for a home are location, location and location. You can fix anything else but not the location. Consider the neighborhood, views, power lines, airport or industrial noise, access to public transport, schools, health care, family and friends and nearness to your work.

2. Make sure you look at several variations of house floor plans and find one that takes into consideration your lifestyle. Does it have safety features, is it child-friendly, will it suit for the long term and does it have under-utilized rooms? Consider multi-purposes for rooms such as a combination sewing room and guest room.

3. Check the HVAC system to be sure it is the right size for your home. If it doesn’t work properly, it could lead to mold growth and water damage in walls and floors.

4. Windows allow natural light and will help reduce your energy spending. Skylights are also useful if positioned in the right places. During the day, a skylight may give enough light over a work table or in a pantry.

5. Position the bedrooms away from high traffic areas including the central living area. The master bedroom should be away from the garage and front yard.

6. Add enough bathrooms. Sharing a bathroom may seem like a good idea when children are small, but is not such a great idea when they are teenagers. Bathrooms are an expensive part of the house, but they are worth it.

7. Install solar panels at least for your hot water heater and, if possible, for more of your electrical uses. Solar technology has improved over the last 10 years and has become affordable and efficient. In some cases, homes produce more electricity than they need and sell the excess back to the utility company.

8. Good insulation will save you money on your energy bill. Houses leak warm or cool air from many little cracks and crevices. Good insulation will block the air exchange with the outdoors and reduce the working time of furnaces and air conditioners, so they will have a longer life.

9. When you see how your house will sit on the property, start to think about landscaping. This is your chance to create the garden of your dreams, or put in attractive paving do you need not worry about a garden. You can also add a gazebo or stone barbeque.

10. Take the time to do some research on building contractors. Ask the Better Business Bureau and other people in the neighborhood. Ask questions and be very clear about their terms and conditions.

When you are in the middle of building a new home, you may overlook small things thinking they won’t matter in the long run. This is not a wise decision. Small things can become important later. You should give your complete attention to all aspects of your new home construction.

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