Build Your Own Liquor Display

by Editor on July 19, 2013

Liquor display

What’s the point of having a liquor collection if you can’t show it off? You don’t need an elaborate liquor cabinet, although those are certainly nice. You can repurpose any small nook into a liquor display by constructing a simple wooden base to place your bottles onto. Once the base is built, you can paint it, cover it with fabric, or just leave it plain.

A simple three tiered step mimics what you might find in a trendy, downtown bar. They are surprisingly simple to make and you can build a top notch display for about $25.


The first thing you need to do is measure the space you have to work with. You can turn a bookshelf, entertainment center or desk into a riser without changing the furniture permanently. Each “step” of your stair display should be big enough to accommodate at least a 750 ml bottle, so try about 4 inches for each step.

Put about three inches of space between each step so that the bottles can rise and people can see the labels. If you prefer a higher rise, you’re welcome to measure that out. On a large square of wood, use a contractor’s pencil to draw out the outline of each step and riser.


You’ll need a work bench and a saw, and all you need to do is just cut along the markings you made. Each step width should be 4 inches, with about 3 inches in height. You can cut the sides out of one square piece of wood and you’ll have your two sides without too much fuss. Another piece of wood at the back of the display nailed into both sides will add some extra stability to your case. The width of the step itself will depend on the space you have to work, but measure an extra inch out on each side so that you can give your presentation a nice finish. You can affix the steps to your base with basic wood glue, which requires about 24 hours to properly set.

Once all the pieces are together, sand the rough edges of wood out and stain them with the finish you desire.


Staple some fabric on the underside of each step to make a nice velvet looking platform. This design leaves space between each step for your lighting to shine through (which backlights the bottles you place there). A 17 inch shelf should hold about twelve bottles of liquor, and the entire project should not take more than a few hours for someone of even moderate crafting skill.

Similarly, you can buy a shelf from your local craft store and stain it yourself. Bolt the shelf to the wall and attach lighting to the bottom. Battery powered lights work well so as to avoid cords hanging down over the wall. features some interesting string lights you can place behind your stand to add more character and color to the display.

You can also purchase rubber feet from your local craft store and affix them to the bottom of your cabinet with wood glue, which will help protect whatever surface you decide to store the cabinet on. You can store drink recipe books under the cabinet too, so guests can gather around your creation and decide on their poison.

photo by: makeshiftlove

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