Bring Life To A Room With A Mural

by Editor on May 27, 2013

Mural: NAYA BIHANA, New Dawn

Sometimes we hang art pieces and use wallpaper to create a dynamic environment to a room, but the satisfaction of a large-scale piece is still missing. We long for a space that is bigger, more vibrant, or to have a different appeal. Perhaps a good choice would be a mural. Otherwise known as a wall painting, murals have an enormous creative range that can bring a room to life.


The creative potential a has is astounding. Maybe a desert scene to accentuate those earthy colors or a wooded forest to add life to your green motif. Murals can stretch from floor to ceiling to pull you into a new mentality when visiting the space. Abstract imagery also translates a mood to your room. It could be something warm and welcoming for a guest room or a fantastically fun illustration for the kids.


Sometimes we approach a room and we look to furniture, paint, and plants to liven the space.  Yet, these things can only do so much if you are still feeling uninspired. With murals, the dynamics are greatly enhanced. All of a sudden there’s detail and fluid motion with multiple colors bending back and forth mixing with light and shadow to make a room that feels alive. Your blank walls essentially become a canvas that is ready for any creative idea to flow.


A trompe-l’œil is an optical illusion to suggest that a 3-D object exists in a room on a 2- D surface. A typical trompe-l’œil mural might depict a window, door, or hallway, intended to suggest a larger room. Some imaginative examples include a portico overlooking the Mediterranean, a Tuscan landscape, and ancient Athens in a bathroom. Trompe-l’œil’s contain what is called a forced perspective, which in turn means it continues the length of the room into an imaginary space.

Doorways can be transformed into a door that suggests that it opens into another world.


Murals can be useful for sports fans as well. Who wouldn’t want that famous player on a garage wall or sports den to embellish their team spirit? Not to mention team colors to create excitement. Or what about a certain place that holds deep memories? That constant reminder can always bring happiness to a room, perhaps famous places or scenes from your favorite movie.

Sometimes you may want to have a family portrait done in the den or living room, or even a pet. That first car? Your college? It’s up to you! “SOUNDS GREAT, BUT I’M NOT THAT CREATIVE.”

No worries. When you hire a muralist to execute the job, they have the creative know how to make a room sing. They have an artistic approach to utilize the existing colors to build an environment that works. Typically a muralist will have a portfolio that will generate some ideas on your part as well. Sometimes muralists work with interior designers that have an equally creative mind to make the best choice.

About the Author

Wendy Kellison, a freelance writer, learned how to light up her apartment by visiting Tiffany Home Design, a store that specializes in home staging in Portland, OR.

photo by: Franco Folini

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