Beyond Just Four Walls And A Roof

by Editor on May 3, 2013

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Everyone knows that storage sheds are a great way to keep a home or a garage organized. The storage shed can be used to keep lawn equipment and other items that are not used everyday out of the garage, so that there is more room for more commonly used items. While storing equipment has long been the job of storage sheds, modern custom sheds offer a variety of add-ons that allow the homeowner to transform the shed into something beyond just four walls and a roof.


Homeowners who need storage for a riding lawnmower understand the need for a ramp going into the storage building. The ramp allows the riding lawnmower to get into the building, while the additional height in the floor helps to prevent water damage to the floor of the structure. Dirt bikes, bicycles and children’s wagons also benefit from the addition of a ramp. Primarily ramps are used for storage buildings that are being used to store equipment or other wheeled items.

Windows And Flower Beds

Windows and flower beds are two custom shed options that increase the beauty of a storage shed and keep the shed from becoming an eyesore in the backyard. Through the installation of windows and flower beds, homeowners can design custom sheds that have style, as well as functionality. Customers who wish to create an additional room or bedroom for their homes should consider a custom shed to meet that need. By putting windows in the building, customers will be able to create room that is comfortable and this can serve as a very cheap alternative to the construction of a new room.


Customers may also wish to add shelving or hangers in their custom storage shed. Incorporating shelving into the construction of the shed means that the customer can save room by eliminating the need for free standing shelves. Because storage buildings are designed to save space in the home or the garage, it is important that the storage building be efficient. Shelves and hangers enable the homeowner to store small items in the shed and keep the shed organized so that the necessary tools are easy to find each and every time.

Custom storage sheds are a great way for homeowners to get the storage that they need, while making sure that the storage building has the features they desire. Through the addition of add-ons to the basic storage shed, homeowners can fulfill all of their storage needs. From a building to house lawn equipment, to a new bedroom for a growing family, storage sheds can provide a variety of solutions for homeowners.

With custom sheds Lancaster PA homeowners can get the storage they need without creating an eyesore in their backyard.

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