How To Get The Best From Your Decorator

by Editor on January 20, 2014

Bromford DIY SOSBringing a decorator into your house can be a stressful thing. It can feel like you are giving away control of your home to, basically, a complete stranger. Therefore, it is important that you pick the right person and then get the most from them. This doesn’t mean hard labour, we are not telling you to be on your decorator’s back to work quicker. We mean combining your skills with theirs to find the best solutions to your problems.


First of all choosing the right person is vital. Nobody wants to feel like they’re not getting what they have paid for or feel betrayed by someone you’ve put your trust in. The best way of finding someone you can trust is from asking friends. Maybe a friend has used a decorator in the past that they can recommend. If you know someone with a beautiful home, ask them if they used a decorator, if nothing else, you are paying a nice compliment to a friend. Asking around can also provide you with a list of people to avoid, this can be just as beneficial. The web can also be a great source of information on this subject. Forums and social media in particular are great for finding people’s honest opinions. Beware though, not everything you read on the internet is reliable.


Once you have found a few professionals you feel could be great, it could be beneficial to meet them and interview them. Find out a bit about them and whether you can work well together, after all you are going to be inviting this person into your home. This is a good time to learn a bit about their skill set, their sense of style and importantly their prices. Try asking for opinions on different interior styles and colours, the best decorators will care enough about their work to offer up advice.


With your decorator picked, and dates set for work to be done, now is the time to prepare yourself. As mentioned above, a good decorator will have their own opinions. However, if you don’t have your opinions pinned down then they can easily get batted down by those of the decorator, until you find yourself flustered and agreeing to something you don’t want. Have a few different ideas in mind, and maybe a couple different directions to take. You can find ideas from interior magazines, websites and even friend’s houses, there is plenty content on the subject to help you out. With this in mind don’t hang onto one specific idea, to find the best solution to your home décor is to put yours and your decorator’s ideas together to find the best solution. Use the professional for advice, and take advantage of their wealth of experience. They will know the types of decoration that will go out of date quickly and some cheaper solutions, if you are on a tight budget.

With your home decoration plans sorted and your experienced, highly qualified decorator ready to get to work, you can sit back and relax. You’ll never experience any home decoration nightmares again.

photo by: Bromford

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