Beat The Burglars With These Three Home Security Tips

by Editor on July 15, 2013

June 21, 2012

There are two problems with burglars, one is what they take and one is what they leave behind. Sometimes what they take is replaceable, but burglars don’t care about the sentimental value of items like jewellery, only in selling them on for what they can get.

The other issue with burglars is the chaos they leave behind. They don’t worry about tidiness, just speed and will happily leave everything lying all over the place as they rifle through your home. Some will even cause malicious damage just for fun. Here are some helpful tips for beating them.

Always Use Basic Security Precautions

It may seem ridiculously obvious, but many people underestimate just how quickly burglars can work, or how quietly and brazen they can be. People who make a point of locking their doors every time they go out and at night, can overlook the fact that some burglars will enter a property during the day, knowing that it is occupied.

If the householder is busy in one area or in the garden and the burglar knows they can be quick, they will simply sneak in and out. More aggressive burglars may even intimidate the householder.

Keep both doors and windows locked, even when you are in the house, unless there are enough people around to discourage burglars.

Check For ID Before Anyone Comes In

Security glasses and chains cost next to nothing and are easy to fit, but they are basic security equipment that everyone should have. Like all other tools, they only work if you use them.

Always use the spy glass to check who is there first, then put the chain on before you open the door. Remember chains can be cut, so stay alert while you are talking. As long as you pay attention, you’ll have plenty of time to shut the door before the chain is cut.

Very few people have the right to enter your home without your permission, not even the police unless it is an emergency or they have a specific warrant. Those that do will carry ID which you can and should check.

Remember that realistic uniforms, such as police uniforms, can be fake. Real police will be perfectly happy to wait while you check their warrant cards.

If the ID has a telephone number, verify the number with a credible source, like a known directory enquiries company. Otherwise you could just be calling an accomplice.

Put Valuables In A Safe Place

Most burglars are looking for items which are easy to carry and easy to sell on. Cash is their favourite target, followed by jewellery and consumer electronics. They’ll also happily take designer clothes and sports equipment. Some will also take pets, including dogs. It’s not unheard of for burglars to break into homes downstairs while people are sleeping upstairs and make off with family pets. They may even use their own dogs to intimidate them.

Put jewellery in a proper safe, discretely located and bring pets upstairs with the family. If that is not possible, it’s best to put them in a secured cage at night. This will not only make them harder to carry off, but also stop them from being hurt if they try to defend their property. It’s far better to take these security precautions than to have to contact private investigators to try to find them.

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