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by Editor on June 7, 2013


It is home improvement time! As the good weather returns, homeowners are ready to refresh and revamp their homes. Making changes is exciting, yet daunting as well when it comes to the budget. However, the moneywise individual can make those dollars stretch, find ways to cut costs, and make that next home make-over less painful on the wallet.

Regular Maintenance is Key
One way to keep expenses down is to do regular maintenance on the home. When small repairs arise, take care of them before they become big problems. Do a yearly inspection in the fall and winterize the house for added protection. Come spring time, take a close look once more. It is also wise to observe the home for changes after heavy storms and when there are high winds. If any damage has taken place, nip it in the bud. Homeowners might be able to take advantage of their insurance policy for some of their expenses as well.

Watch Out for Humidity
Don’t let humidity or water damage result in costly repairs. Mold is one of the most expensive projects in a house due to the major damage it can cause to both your house and body. Using pallets in the basement can keep belongings off the floor. Consider having a dehumidifier in damp places. If there is an issue with a pipe leaking or flooding, take care of it right away.

It’s Tool Time: Think About It
Getting ready to dig into that big project? Tools are going to be a necessity. Take a good look at what is on hand. Think about essentials and be creative. If they are not going to be used after the job, consider renting tools or borrowing from others. Otherwise, check out clearance sales, discount centers, garage sales, and online sales. Quality, used tools are often available at a fraction of the price.

Check Out Bargains for Supplies
When it is time to buy materials, head to the clearance bins at the home improvement center. There are many occasions when customers decide they don’t want a certain kind of laminate, rug, cabinet, or other building supply. When they are a special order that will only suit a small job, there can be incredible mark downs. It’s possible to do flooring for an entire room at the cost of one box of floor boards. Take a look in the paint section as well. People often make mistakes with their choice of color. There’s the potential to get a gallon of paint for $5! Take the deal and run. A new color scheme might be exactly what was needed!

Hold on to Extras
When the project is finished, keep any extras. Store them neatly and label boxes or containers. Those materials might come in handy for the next plan of attack, saving money on additional supplies.

There are always ways to make any home improvement project less of a burden on the bank account. Always remember to shop around, compare prices, and use common sense for purchases.

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John Martin is currently working for a Bergen County contracting. He is expert in managing construction firm and enjoys giving advice for people who are new to home renovations. When is not at work, he enjoys staying at home with this family.

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