Bathroom Design Trends In 2013

by Editor on May 30, 2013


Bathroom décor trends change every year. The latest designs will soon be available at local stores. If you’re planning on decorating your bathroom, check out new styles, products and materials. Don’t be experiment with new and old designs. Let’s have look at the most recent developments in bathroom design.

Gray color

Gray is the most universal color you can choose. Even though white is the most popular bathroom color, grey is the most convenient one. It will compliment the space and design of your bathroom. Grey elements on the walls will make your bathroom look stylish. There is no need to paint the walls grey, all you need to do is to place grey accents around the room. Buy some grey shelves and mirror frames. You can also get a grey freestanding bathtub made of stone if you’re not on a budget.

Quartz is another great grey material for bathrooms. It is durable and easy to take care of. You can either place quartz elements on your floor or use it to decorate your shower or a bathtub.


Pick natural colors when choosing porcelain and ceramic tiles for your bathroom. It is important to get durable, non-slip materials. You can also choose different tiles of matching colors and try making a mosaic floor and walls.

Neutral colors

I think neutral colors have never been out of fashion. You can pick the transitional interior design by combining modern and traditional elements in your bathroom. For example you can paint your walls light brown or beige and choose some bright modern elements to decorate the space. Mix and match contemporary plumbing solutions with traditional tiles, modern furniture with neutral background. Neutral wall colors will only highlight the elements of your décor.


Layered lights are great not only for bedrooms and living rooms. You can make your bathroom more or less romantic by reducing and increasing the amount of lighting. You can also put several mirrors in your bathroom to visually transform your space. Mirrors will not only make your room look larger but also will reflect the light. Find a middle ground between natural and artificial lighting.


Walk-in showers are both trendy and functional. Many people take showers more often than they use bathtubs. You can install a walk-in shower without any doors, decorate it with some modern tiles or old-fashioned natural stones and install multiple showerheads. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


If you still cannot imagine your life without a tub, install a freestanding tub. These kinds of tubs will add some charm to your bathroom. More designers favor freestanding tubs for their unique architectural qualities.


Touch-less faucets are great for both bathrooms and kitchens. They’re easy to install and use. Moreover these facets prevent the spreading of bacteria and make your bathroom appear cleaner.

Modern bathrooms should not only be functional, but also pleasant and enjoyable. They are like a personal oasis of spa and relaxation.  It is a place where you can get away from all your stress and worries. Put on some candles, fill in the bathtub add some oils and bubbles and relax at the end of the

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