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by Editor on June 7, 2013

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Having to buy your male friend of partner a gift can be a rather daunting task. There are so many gadgets and cool tools out there that is can be rather difficult to decide not only what kind of gift you want to give them, but more specifically, what exactly are you going to get for them.

DeWALT drills offer the perfect solution to the age old question of ‘what to get a man as a gift?’ It is fair to assume that most men, at some point in time, will have to do some handyman repairs around the house and, with that in mind, below you will find a list of some great DIY gifts for men.

For the most accurate measurements consider getting a set of digital callipers for the man in your life. Before you make a purchase do your research to ensure that the product you buy is from a reputable manufacturer to guarantee that it always gives you the most accurate measurements.

Leaf Blower

Cleaning the yard is not at the top of the list of priorities of most men but a gift like the STIHL BR 600 Magnum Leaf Blower could change all that. With an impressive 90 meter per second air velocity this piece of equipment will blow leaves to kingdom come, while at the same time providing loads of fun for the operator.


Most men at one point in their life dreamed of being a storm trooper and, although this is not a realistic possibility, the ESAB Origo Tech 9-13 Yellow Automatic Welding Helmet will help certainly help any man look the part. This professional grade, protective head gear will not only make you look awesome but also protect your eyes while you are welding.

DeWALT drills are available in cordless or corded models and are widely used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. A DeWALT tool is bound to increase the status of any man amongst his peers.


Many men secretly fancy themselves as pilots and with the Helo TC iOS Helicopter and the use of an iPhone it no longer has to be a dream. Not only is this ‘helo’ controlled through your iPhone but you can program it with pre-planned routes, push start, and watch it follow the route exactly (for indoor use only).


For budding cyclists, the ProForm Tour De France Indoor cycle offers so much more compared to normal exercise bikes. Not only is it a full blown TDF simulator replicating all the stages of the race, but it also includes a tilting function for inclines and declines. This is sure to be a winning gift for any cyclist friends.


A Leatherman multi-tool is a gift that very few men would baulk at and their selection of tools has got you covered no matter what the situation. The Skeletool and OHT are popular models and are both loaded with numerous gadgets.

Choose the gift that suits your male friend or partner the best, whether it is DeWALT drills or callipers make sure to choose a gift that will be remembered.

About the Author

Shaun, is a happily married man but is sick and tired of receiving socks or ties for his birthday year in and year out, when all he really wants is a DeWalt drill. Hopefully other men sitting with this problem can get their wives or girlfriends to read this post as a subtle hint as to what to buy them next time.

photo by: Hryck.

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