Rodent Infestation: How To Avoid It At All Costs

by Editor on April 29, 2013


Avoid A Rodent Infestation In Your Home

Even if they seem to be lovable in cartoon movies as they look harmless little creatures that scare children, rodents are actually more than that. They can also be very harmful that can cause disease and illness into your house. Rodents such as the house mouse, the Norway rat and the roof rat can also do serious damage by gnawing on wood and electrical wires within the home. Getting rid of rodents takes five important steps that can be performed by a professional pest control company. Without these five steps, it is difficult to guarantee that your rodent problem is gone. But you can also prevent a problem by clearing your home of any spaces or substances that attract these invaders to your home.

Regular Cleaning Of The Home

Rats and mice love to eat, and they will consume almost anything they can find. In order to avoid an infestation of these rodents in your home, it’s essential to get rid of anything that will attract them. Rats and mice are also smart enough to recognize that foods with high levels of carbohydrates and sugar will give them more energy and also avoid the lowest risk. They will be more attracted to foods like potatoes, bread, meat, and cereals. In order to decrease the chances of attracting rodents into your home, you should always be careful about waste and store food in containers that are sealed. If you have a compost heap, avoid putting meat or fish in the pile, as it will create a flashing invitation for mice to nest and eat.

Clear Dark Spaces

When mice and rats enter your home, they will quickly set about finding bedding materials and somewhere dark to nest. Rodents prefer dark places and hidden corners that don’t see too much movement or involve too much noise. In an effort to avoid a rodent infestation, clear out any crawlspaces or dark corners on a regular basis. If you notice signs of a rodent nest, call a professional pest control company immediately to handle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Quick Intervention And Treatment

If a problem is left unchecked, one rodent alone can breed over two hundred offspring in as little time as four months. Mice and rats can contaminate more food than they consume, and rodents can bring deadly disease into the home. Gaining control of this problem early is essential to keeping your house clear of rats and mice. Any contact with rat feces can spread deadly disease through your family in a small period of time. A pest control professional can complete tasks that guarantee that your home is free of mice and rats and the deadly diseases that often come with them.

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