Are Artificial Flower Right For Your Office Or Home?

by Editor on May 24, 2013


Whether you are at home or at the office, the right atmosphere can do a lot to brighten your mood and put you in a better place emotionally. While there is no product out there that can completely transform a bad day into a good one, there are those that can turn just about any area into a place that you would be happier to spend some time in. Flowers are easily at the top of the list when it comes to decorative items that can add a touch of color and beauty to a room, especially if you are in the middle of winter and longing for some bright summer sun and a warm breeze.

Nothing brightens up a room like plants.  There’s something wonderfully outdoorsy about having plants inside your house.  The problem with live plants, though, is they have to be cared for.  And some people just aren’t very good at keeping plants alive.  Artificial plants and flowers can give your home or office the natural look of plants while eliminating the need to care for them.

It’s Not A New Idea

Although modern artificial plants and flowers can be surprisingly realistic, the concept of imitating nature has been around for a long time.  Many ancient cultures have created artificial flowers from various materials.  The ancient Egyptians used painted linen and stained horn shavings, while the Romans made them from gold and silver and the Chinese used rice paper.

In more modern times people have carved soap or stretched nylon netting over wire frames.  The most common way to make artificial flowers these days is with polyester fabric, although those made out of silk look much more lifelike than any other material.

Just Like The Real Thing

Whatever you can do with real flowers you can do with artificial flowers.  You can decorate your home, use them in your wedding, make them into a corsage or just keep them in vase on your dining room table.

If you want to use artificial flowers to decorate your home, keep these guidelines in mind:

Get to know your flowers – it will help if you understand what types of flowers are available so you understand the different kinds of shapes and leaf types.

Find flowers in colors and styles that work with the decor of your home and not against it.  Flowers won’t help the look of your home if they aren’t in harmony with the other furnishings and decorations.

Keep your flowers seasonal – obviously you don’t have to worry about what season artificial flowers bloom in, but the best way to maintain a more natural look is to change your flowers when the seasons change.

Where Should You Put Your Flowers

Anyplace you want!  You can put flowers in any room of your house to make it fresh, bright and inviting.  The key to arranging flowers is moderation.  Too many can be overwhelming but not enough may not give you the look you’re going for.  A lot depends on the decor of your house.  Formal flower arrangements work best with formal decor, while more natural arrangements may work best with a casual look.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the effect will be best if you use a single theme in each room.  Whatever you decide you’re going with – a color, a season or certain variety of flower – go with that one theme and don’t mix it up.

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