Adding Industrial Style To Your Home Is Easy And Fun

by Editor on May 27, 2013


Industrial style does not mean void of personality. There may be a lot of metal, which might look cold and uncaring, unwilling to compromise, but if you do it right, industrial style can create an eclectic view of the world inside your home. It can be hip, welcoming and create a space that’s perfect for creativity and erudite conversation. Industrial style is not just for warehouses anymore. Get ready to bring a few pieces into your home today.

Heavy Metal

You don’t have to decorate your entire house in metal, unless you’re into that kind of thing. Choose an object or two that are complementary to your current style. For example, an industrial style cart with metal frame made warm by wood shelves is a great place to start. It’s like dipping your toe into unknown waters or taking baby steps. Display items with color on the shelves and/or place the cart against a wall that’s painted in a unique color. Depending on the height of the piece, you could use it as a sofa or coffee table. Most industrial pieces are very versatile.

Modern Family

Modern style works in tandem with industrial style. They play well together. Imagine a loft with minimalist modern furniture using vintage industrial lighting and a few other industrial pieces; perhaps metal chairs, or storage shelves for books, photos and more.

See how well the above room works with its industrial feel softened by a couple green leafy plants, a slouchy leather sofa with fluffy pillows and a couple trunks? It’s like modern meets industrial and they’re ready to take off together and travel the world.

Cold Shoulder

If your space feels cold, add some color. That always warms things up. Whether you paint the walls with warm color or add bold artwork, remember you want it to feel warm, not overpowering.


Industrial style also lends itself to sophistication. It’s modern, minimalist, and contemporary all rolled into one. If you like the style of your home as is, you can always add a piece of two to give any room a touch of the industrial. The room below is very sophisticated and the industrial étagère only adds to the beauty.

Lighten Up

Depending on the type of living space you have, you want to be sure that there is a lot of light to brighten the space and warm things up. If you don’t get enough natural light through large floor to ceiling windows or skylights be sure to add some overhead lighting. The hanging light below has a nice round base that will shine a good deal of light into any room.


Concrete and Wood and Brick, Oh My

If you live in a warehouse or renovated loft you will probably have some brick and possibly wood floors or beams. These items lend incredible character to your living space. You may have polished concrete floors, which look magnificent – shiny and new. Add some area rugs or Oriental rugs for color and warmth. Those concrete floors can get cold in winter!

Custom Furniture World is the place to find all things “industrial”. From wine barrel chandeliers to repurposed lab carts to antique look Cinderella mirrors. You will find so much to love. You don’t have to dive in head first. We’ll help you choose the industrial pieces that will work well in your home.

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