Add Elegance To Your Kitchen With A Touch Of Glass

by Staff Editor on April 26, 2013

Golden reflectionsA sleek and elegant kitchen design will work wonderfully within a modern interior. Or if you’re lucky enough to live in a colonial home, then a modern kitchen is the ideal way to seamlessly mix old with new. In addition to the ideas on this post, you might like 5 Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen Walls.

Whatever type of property you live in, creating a space that’s a pleasure to cook, eat and spend time with friends and family in is an essential – and as the role of ‘heart of the home’ generally falls to the kitchen. It’s important that it looks great, as well as being highly functional.

Modern Materials

The minimal, modern style kitchen is extremely popular right now, so it’s easy to find units and other accessories that will suit the style and appeal to your tastes. When it comes to choosing materials glass is a fabulous choice for kitchen cupboard doors, wall tiles, glass splashbacks and even work surfaces and floors.

Today’s technology means that tough and durable glass is now one of the strongest materials available for use in kitchens, whilst up to the minute manufacturing methods means that finding high quality, well priced hand crafted tiles, bright and bold coloured glass splashbacks or fabulously frosted kitchen cupboards is easy – so you really can create the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Glass?

There are so many reasons to choose glass for your kitchen, but essentially, glass covers the gamut of everything that the homeowner is looking for in the space they cook, eat and live in.

First and foremost, glass looks great! When you choose glass you’re opting for a timeless material that will look great today and in years to come.

Secondly, in terms of cleanliness, glass is incredibly hygienic. When you choose glass splashbacks you can quickly and easily wipe away dirt, grease and grime and as bacteria finds it extremely difficult to grow on glass, it creates a more hygienic environment. Additionally, when you choose a glass splashback as opposed to tiles, you are installing one large, smooth surface, rather than the nooks and crannies that tiling and grouting create, which means there’re much less opportunity for dirt to become trapped.

Thirdly, reflective surfaces like glass can perform an important practical function, as well as looking good. One thing that most owners list as a top priority in their home is light, but kitchens are notorious for turning into dark spaces. Using glass and incorporating plenty of light sources into the room will mean brightness is bounced around and your kitchen will feel much more light and airy.

Lastly, glass is incredibly versatile. It can be incorporated in all kinds of décor and be used for all types of purpose. For example a glass splasback can be manufactured to mould around a corner without the need for a break or cut, whilst glazed cupboards can be illuminated from within to create an interesting feature.

So if you want to create a bright, modern and appealing room that will bring your kitchen bang up to date and still look incredible in a decade’s time, then make sure you opt for glass, the ultimate material for contemporary kitchen design.

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