Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Bathroom

by Editor on May 8, 2013


White bathrooms look pristine and cleanly, but they can also be a bit boring to the eye. Increase the aesthetics of your bathroom by finding ways to incorporate subtle splashes of colour throughout the room. Playing with colour will not only help to liven up a dull room, but reveal a little bit of your personality and good taste as well. Here are the best ways to incorporate colour into your bathroom design:

1)    Add a wallpaper or tile border.

A great way to break up those stark white walls is to add a colourful border to the room. Wallpapers and tiles come in various styles, so think about the overall look you’re trying to achieve when choosing your materials. If you want to create a sleek modern look, consider adding a border of slate grey tiling along the floor and windowsills. If you want something more youthful, choose a wallpaper border with a punchy print like fish, leaves, or flowers.

2)    Get artsy.

If you’re the artsy type (or know someone who is), liven up your sterile bathroom walls with a mural painting or stencil drawing. Paintings of natural landscapes like beaches, lakes, and rivers are very popular, as are stencil drawings of flowers, leaves, vines, and other geometric designs. Get creative; murals and stencil drawings are a wonderful way to add a bit of your personality into the room.

3)    Paint existing cabinets and frames.

If your bathroom cabinets are the same monotonous shade of white as the rest of your bathroom, punch them up with a fresh coat of paint in the colour of your choice. Remember that cool tones like blues and greens create a relaxing, soothing environment, while warm tones like yellows and oranges really brighten up the room.

4)    Display colourful towels and rugs.

This tip is a fun way to give your bathroom a more playful vibe. Towels and bath mats in vibrant hues like hot pink, sunshine yellow, and creamiscle orange create a striking contrast against white walls, sinks, shelves, and floor tile. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, try a sea blue or aqua green hue, both of which look great in the ocean-themed bathrooms described above.

5)    Hang punchy window and shower curtains.

The right curtains can pull the entire theme of the room together. If you’ve added a wallpaper border or stencil drawing to the room, look for window curtains that incorporate that motif and/or colour in it. A stylish shower curtain can also add a bit of personality to an otherwise dull bathroom: stripes, floral, and nature prints are popular choices, but depending on your taste, you may want to go with something more quirky and humorous to give the room a distinctive feel.

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