A Quick And Simple Guide To Cleaning Venetian Blinds

by Editor on June 4, 2013

Inspecting the blinds after they were cleaned in the B-Tub

If you have the privilege of owning Venetian blinds, then you are probably very well aware that they can be difficult to clean when the time comes. Here you will find a few easy tips for both simple cleaning and deep cleaning that will keep your blinds looking brand new and brilliant at all times.

Before we start, decide how much cleaning your Venetian blinds require. And note that these popular blinds range from older (usually made of metal or synthetics) to the newer models made of unique wood and other material. Regardless of the type, all blinds collect dust, and must be cleaned. The first method is for light cleaning, which applies to all blinds. The second is for deeper cleaning, which should not be used on modern wooden Venetian Blinds as it is more strenuous and can damage them.

With either method, it is important to first inspect the blinds for any spot problem that will interfere with the cleaning. To do this, it is usually only required to wipe them down with a damp paper towel to get rid of residue. Then proceed to one the two methods, below.

Quick, easy cleaning

First, tie back your curtain or anything that surrounds the blinds that might be damaged. Second, put your Venetian blinds in the shut position. Then put on the softest glove you can find (cotton or dust-attract type) and be sure to keep it dry. Use the glove to simply wipe over all the slats on each side, removing dust and grime. Remember, water or oil on your glove can leave streaking on your blinds, so be sure to keep them as dry as possible while cleaning. (And if you use any kind of spray cleaner, be sure it is water based and non sticky.)

As you clean, simply run your gloved fingers gently over each slat, from the center to the edges of each slat.

Then, open the slats and run do the same procedure on the other side of the slats. You can change your gloves (or dust them off) as much as you need to until your blinds are clean. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft cleaning attachment or duster to clean the slats, just be careful not to scratch or chip them as you proceed.

Deep cleaning

For older Venetian blinds, you can get a deeper clean by soaking them. Again, this isn’t for newer, wooden versions, but it can be very effective for a deeper clean.

First, be certain to ensure to lower your Venetian blind so that all the slats are completely closed. Then simply remove the entire blind from the window (using any instructions in your instruction manual.) Don’t lose any myriad pieces you me de-attach as you go.

Second, put the blinds your bathtub and cover them completely with warm(ish) water. You can then add a gentle solution for cleaning (detergent or even a light bleach) and let the blinds soak in the water for at least half an hour.

When you remove the blinds, scrub them with a brush—being careful to not damage the slats as you go. After a good scrub, you should rinse the blinds off by sloshing water over them or running the shower while they are still in the tub. Hang them over a rail and allow them to dry. You can also use a dryer to speed the process. Once dry, you can hang your blinds back into their original position, clean as new.

Enjoy your Venetian blinds and keep them as beautiful as the day you purchased them.

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