A Perfect Kitchen Is Complete Only With Perfect Countertops

by Editor on May 24, 2013


A Kitchen is not only a place where you cook your breakfast, lunch and dinner but it’s a personal space that defines a family; it is a reflection of their taste, preferences and what they see as important. You might be wondering how a mere countertop or appliance reflects a family’s tastes and sense of style but as a matter of fact, every kitchen and the components of it speak volumes. By looking at everything from the countertops to the floor plan, you can see what any family values most in their kitchen. Some people prefer them to be eco-friendly, while others focus primarily on flashy things, like expensive building materials and top of the line appliances.

Countertops Reflect Your Personality

Countertops, perhaps, say more about a person than anything. While some people gravitate toward the standard granite, other people are interested in the softer appeal of soapstone and some still, like the industrial component of poured concrete. High quality refined slabs of stone are what many people gravitate toward as they try to design the perfect kitchen. Many of these people gravitate toward granite and some with more expensive tastes will choose marble. There are certain things you should look for and consider when deciding on what sort of material you should use in your kitchen. Whether you cook nonstop or never cook at all could influence the material you choose. Furthermore, some materials are just better for the wear and tear of a kitchen than others.

Be Sure Before Making a Choice

A practical search for countertops should take place before arriving at any decision. The best way to do this is to attend home shows or go to retailers that offer their products on display in a show room. This will allow you to see a large enough piece of any material to determine if it is in fact, something you would like. Oftentimes the small samples that come in ordering books simply aren’t enough to make an informed decision and show rooms help you see the materials in contrast to other elements of a kitchen – like cabinetry. The material you choose says a lot about you. Those who use marble are typically very sophisticated and insist on the best of everything. Those who prefer granite don’t necessarily choose it to be part of the majority but because they are more cost-savvy and like a wide selection. People attracted to soap or limestone like a more subtle elegance and prefer something that is eco-friendly over popularity. The person who chooses poured concrete is a minimalist who enjoys being different on a budget, while still getting style and originality points.

Countertops: A great Investment

In this way, kitchens say a lot about people and often, a kitchen can sell a home all on its own. To this end, it is important to choose a high quality product, no matter what your tastes. Great countertops attract serious buyers and help put the finishing touch on a kitchen. Everyone who knows anything about home buying or selling knows that the two rooms that seal the deal are always kitchens and bathrooms. It is a good idea to invest in quality countertops for both rooms.

When buying countertops it is always best to select a retailer that can offer you literally anything you desire. Although you may walk in the door wanting one thing, you may discover something new that changes your whole perception on a design. Working with a retailer that only specializes in a specific product is just going to limit your aesthetic vision. In the end you don’t know what you don’t know, so expose yourself to as much choice as possible. A great retailer will be able to answer all your questions, provide installation services and help guide you toward the products your will like.

At the end of the day, whether you are a chef or a bachelor, countertops are a wonderful investment in your home. They will raise home’s value and polish-off the look of your most important rooms. It is possible to get high quality products with a high quality look for a reasonable price, so shop around. The heart of your home deserves the very best – and so does your wallet. Choose natural stone countertops for your home today, you won’t regret it.

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This guest post was written by Bart Grammer, who loves countertops.

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