7 Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom

by Editor on June 12, 2013


Of all the rooms in a modern house, the most important is probably the bathroom. For one it is a private area yet used by many –if not all—members of the household. It is small in space yet represents the totality of the house. It is seldom seen by others yet it accurately reflects the kind of people it serves. No wonder prideful homeowners are keen on having a bathroom they will not hesitate allowing others to see.

If you want to renovate your bathroom either to raise the house’s selling price or simply make something you’d be proud of, here are a few tips to help you achieve a clean, stylish bathroom.

Establish your budget first so you can work within it in conceptualizing and working on your renovation design. It is not good to start putting in expensive tiles and end up with cheap knobs and showerheads because you ran out of money. Your bathroom will look mismatched.

Strive for elegance. Not necessarily expensive. Sometimes a renovation needs only resurfacing with more modern tiles or coats of polyethylene varnish to look elegant. If you must change your fittings try for unity in their designs such as similar finish –old bronze or brushed stainless steel, for instance– for the hardware. Ceramic-and-chrome fittings are also recommended if your wall tiles are white or light in color.

Minimize transfer of plumbing fixtures to reduce cost. Re-tiling and replacing old fixtures like spigots and showerheads are often sufficient to brighten your bathroom. Most times, moving the plumbing results in having to replace them, and that plus new work can add up to a substantial total.

Be creative with lights. Sconce lighting is often recommended at the vanity to banish shadows, but it can also create the mood for the bathroom, especially if paired with a dimmer. Dim lighting is relaxing while you are in the bath, and brighter lighting can help you do your makeup right.

Likewise, using mirrors can lighten up the space without additional lighting, at the same time making it look bigger. Choose quality mirrors and frames, though.

Lighten up. Using light-colored wall tiles and just-a-bit-darker floor tiles would offer a happy atmosphere to your bathroom. Besides, it can make the space seem larger and would be easier to clean, contrary to general belief.

Go earthy. Earth-themed bathrooms are the current trends, as part of the ‘go-green’ consciousness among the people. Using earthenware accessories, plants and timber in your bathroom motif is a great idea to spiffy up your bathroom.

Ventilate. Do not forget to provide for means to minimize moisture in your bathroom, not only to slow down decay of materials, but also to remove unpleasant odors. Install vents, windows and vent fans if necessary. A well-ventilated bathroom is an always-fresh piece of real estate.

Investing to renovate a bathroom is commendable, but only if the bathroom needs renovating and you can afford it. The main caveat here is not to be too ambitious and end up short of funds. Instead, it is wise to plan everything right, saving money where possible. You can always redo the bathroom later, if you have the dough.

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This article was written by Jo from Warwick Glass – providers of upvc windows in warwickshire. Jo has an interest in interior design and loves renovating houses to give them a new fresher look.

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