60s Retro Furniture With A Modern Twist

by Editor on July 10, 2013


Furniture comes and goes out of fashion all of the time – remember the 1980s where we all loaded our houses full of black ash TV units and dining tables? It’s a look which is very dated now, but was the height of fashion at the time. Retro pieces have again come back into fashion and although we’re not seeing a return to black ash, there are certain other retro items from the 60s or 70s which will look great in your home today.


You’ll probably remember the sideboard from your granny’s house. Everyone used to have one as a place to keep all of your crockery, glasses and other bits and pieces which you did not want cluttering up the kitchen. If you are lucky enough to have a home large enough for a separate dining room, a sideboard is still the best option for keeping crockery and glasses close to hand, and can look great too. Some of the retro 1960s style sideboards are easy to find in junk shops or at car boot sales, but there are several modern variations of the sideboard too.

Hostess Trolley

Staying in is the new going out, and with food programmes on TV hitting new heights of popularity, dinner parties are firmly back in fashion. Hostess trolleys may have a distinctly retro twist to them, but they are very practical for keeping dishes home as you eat and give you more time to spend with friends and family rather than eating in the kitchen. The modern hostess trolley looks just like any other cupboard, and can be blended in with the rest of the furniture. Don’t be tempted to go for the largest size unless you entertain regularly or have a house large enough to accommodate it.

Nest of Tables

The reason why nests of tables are still hugely popular is their practicality. A set of stacking tables which can be kept in the corner of the room and brought out when needed is something all of us can see the benefits of, and modern manufacturers such as Vancouver petite oak are making contemporary furniture which looks great in a modern home. Whether you choose a genuine retro set of tables or a modern Vancouver petite oak set will depend on the feel of the rest of your room. Try to choose a classic style which will not date quickly as fashions change.

Pod Chairs

One of the classic designs of 1960s Britain was the ball chair, a round, futuristic seating unit which was shaped like a globe on a stand. Although not hugely practical, these sorts of chairs make a huge statement in any room and are guaranteed to generate compliments from friends. If you are thinking of investing in these sorts of chairs, keep the wallcovering and flooring fairly neutral. In the 1960s the chairs were made in white, black or red and it is best to stick to these colours now as well as they will not date as quickly as other colours.

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