6 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

by Editor on June 11, 2013


Whether you’re moving into a new build home or an existing property, it’s advisable to check the security in your home is the best is can be.

There are simple measures you can take, here’s a checklist of what security features to check for and fix if you need to.

1.    Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are extremely advanced and sophisticated these days, and there is a comprehensive range on the market to choose from. You can choose from a stand-alone alarm which relies on a friend or neighbour to alert the police and switch off the alarm. Monitored and managed systems are linked to security companies who contact key holders for your property.  Costs will depend on the level of maintenance and monitoring you require.

2.    Locks

Locks are a real priority, because there will be many points of entry to a property. Check that you have secure, robust window locks and fit any windows with locks that don’t have them, both upstairs and downstairs in the property.

Check that you have equally robust locks on all of your doors, including side and back doors. It is advisable to have a second locking mechanism or a deadbolt with your ordinary lock to provide extra security. Also consider attaching a latch, chain or keyhole spy hole to your main doors so that you can see who is calling at your property prior to opening your door.

If you have a garage, shed or other outbuilding, consider locking these with a padlock to make it harder for thieves to enter.

If you have external sliding doors, these can present a problem too as thieves can lift the doors out of the runner frame. There are stopping mechanisms available that block the track of the sliding door that can be fitted to provide extra security.

3.    Toughened Glass

If you move into an older property that has single glazing, it is worth swapping this glass out for toughened, double-glazed glass which is harder to break. Single glazed windows and doors present an ideal opportunity to thieves to gain easy entry. New build homes will always have double or triple glazing with the latest security lock mechanisms.

4.    Shutters

For a more sophisticated security look, you can use shutters to complete block windows so that nobody can enter through them. Custom-made wooden or metal shutters can be securely locked when you are out of the property and will be difficult and noisy to penetrate.

5.    Lighting

Security lighting is an effective and cheap deterrent.  Strategically placing flood lighting that is motion sensitive is ideal at entry points around your property. You can also place lighting to illuminate dark spots and shadow areas around your property and garden. In addition, you can use outdoor lighting at the front, side and back of your house and keep the lights illuminated during the night to put off intruders.

6.    Gates and Fencing

To stop intruders entering your property in the first place, erecting high fencing and gates is a sure deterrent. Intruders will look for properties that are easily accessible, so if you have high fencing and gates that inhibit entry it will make your home more secure. You can also paint fencing and gates with ant-climb paint as an added precaution.

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