6 Ways To Improve Decor In Your Apartment

by Editor on May 28, 2013

Holiday Apartment Panorama at Night

Many guys living alone think they have it made: nobody to make them clean up, turn off the television, or invest in expensive furniture they’re not interested in. Then they try to bring home a girl, they see her recoil in disgust and dash for the door as quickly as they can. It is often surprising how few bachelor pads are really geared for the life of a bachelor, or at least the active social life part. Here are a number of Do’s and Don’ts that men can follow when styling and furnishing their bachelor pads.

Clean up! This is the single most important thing for a bachelor pad. Women do not want to sit on a dirty couch, use a soiled bathroom, or see piles of old dishes in the sink. Vacuum, mop, bleach your sheets if they have stains. Don’t leave piles of clothes on the floor. Make the bed. Wash down countertops, mirrors, and windows. This cannot be emphasized enough – clean your place!

Steer clear of obvious bachelor pad cliches! There are several things in particular that need to be avoided. If you own any of these, get rid of them immediately or at least before bringing over another lady to your abode. Animal skin or animal print rugs are a big no-no. They scream “I’m trying to live the life of a wild bachelor and have no taste”! There is nothing creepier than mirrors on the ceiling. Something like that is going to send the women running. Don’t paint the walls red – it’s trashy, corny, and not particularly flattering.

Make your bed comfortable and inviting, not sleazy. You don’t need to go all out with pillows and a bed skirt, but your bed should be, above all, clean – if something is stained get rid of it. (White sheets are not a bad idea because they can always be bleached, but stay on top of it!) Make sure your comforter is not old or ratty looking. A down duvet is a great investment and you will love sleeping with it, whether alone or with someone special. You can buy duvet covers that will make changing the look of your room easy and inexpensive.

Keep a few things in your fridge other than mayonnaise and beer. This is not just because your lady friend might want a snack (and she might) but also because if it looks like you actually cook or prepare your own food, you will come across as more of an adult and less as a single guy without a clue.

Use area rugs if you have wooden, tile, or linoleum floors. The idea is that you want the women to feel good about walking around barefoot. To get out of bed and hit a cold tile floor will come as a shock and remind the woman she isn’t at home. Soft area rugs can fix this problem in a cinch.

Finally, things that women are not usually impressed with but men seem to love are big fancy televisions and speakers. There is nothing wrong with having these objects, but you don’t want them to be the only thing in the room. Invest in a little bit of decor and wall art so it doesn’t appear that all you do is come home, crack a beer, order takeout, and watch television.

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