6 Easy DIY Makeover Tips for Your Home

by Admin on June 23, 2015

Some people get easily intimidated when they hear the words “home makeover”. They think that this is a very tiresome and tedious process that requires a lot of money and professional help. But on the contrary, home makeover has become a trend and almost a habit like carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Many creative people want to infuse art into their home design, but this becomes problematic for those who are not really artistic.

Whether you’re born artsy or not, here are affordable do-it-yourself techniques on how you can do your own home makeover.

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Make the mailman smile when he delivers your letters every morning. Free your mailbox from dust and rust then spray-paint it with the colours of your choice. Put nifty embellishments on it. On the other hand, you can personalise your house number by putting decorative stickers or decals on it or paint it with solid colours, prints or patterns. Do this and your yard will instantly be the star of the curb.

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White-washed walls can be too boring, so it’s about time that you make them alive with some colour. Pick hues that would set a happy mood for anyone who will set foot in your home. Try colour variation so you would know what would work best for every room in your house. Experiment with tints and shades until you achieve the colours you want. For a more unique concept, use chalkboard paint for one side of your room so you could draw or write personal details on it.

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Devote a portion of your time in the whole day just for cleaning. Take out junk from all rooms in your house and dispose the things that you no longer need. You should even look inside your fridge and defrost it then remove expired goods. Clean your bedside table and throw garbage away. Don’t get too attached to things and just let them go. You’ll be surprised at how fresher the ambience in your home will be after you de-clutter.

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Replace your kitchen cupboard’s ordinary handles with knobs that have cute shapes and colours. Place a nice table runner along the center of your dining table. Trade your usual nightstand lights for attractive lanterns. Paint the interior part of your shelves. Tie-dye your pillowcases and bed sheets. Add a colourful or patterned doormat at your main entrance especially if you have a plain-looking door. Get design inspiration as well as other hardware upgrade tips from blogs of interior designers.

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You can get a great deal from recycled materials if you would just know how to use them. Old crates could be made into shelves. You can make an improvised door chime with rolled strips of magazine paper that are strung together. Tin cans could double as flower and plant pots. And surprisingly, your old surfboard from your surfing-lesson days could also go a long way! It can be mounted on wooden or wire legs then be made into a cool table or an ironing board.

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Make your windows look larger by adding drapes on it at ceiling height. This would create a bigger illusion in your window frame especially when it is opened wide. Choose dark-coloured drapes when you have light-coloured curtains and vise-versa, or you could have them in the same colour.

From Drab to Fab

You don’t have to be a skilled interior designer for you to be able to decorate your home nicely. Don’t be apprehensive when it comes to thinking of ways on how you can add more flair to certain parts of your home that need improvement. Simply follow the tips listed above and do your very own home makeover!

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