5 Year-Round Lawn Care Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

by Editor on November 26, 2013

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Have you ever found yourself driving in a neighborhood and being really impressed by a certain house? Yes, the home was beautiful, but what really caught your attention was their yard and how well-kept it appeared to be. And while that individual may have paid a pretty penny in landscaping fees in order to make their lawn look so aesthetically appealing, there are actually some things that you can do on your own to help you achieve similar results with your own yard.

If you’re curious know about some of the great year-round lawn care maintenance tips for homeowners, we have a list of five for you to try out below:

Spring. In the springtime, it’s first important to make sure that your soil is in good condition. After all, the grass, trees and shrubbery all grow out of it. You can do this by purchasing a home soil test from Amazon or a website like Science Lab Supplies. Keep in mind that the pH level of your soil should be around 6.5. Also, make sure to give your yard a proper mowing and edging and that you put down some fertilizer that has a high level of nitrogen in it.

Summer. Something that is essential for summer is making sure that your lawn is getting plenty of water. If you experience a lot of rainfall, you typically will not have to water your lawn any more than once a week but if you are experiencing a bit of a drought, twice a week is best. Also, don’t try and mow the grass too low. According to many landscaping experts, around 2 ½ inches is ideal. And in order to keep bugs at bay, look for an organic pesticide. It keeps pests from becoming a nuisance but also prevents harsh chemicals from penetrating your lawn.

Fall. As the weather starts to turn cooler, this is actually the best time to plant new seed. So, if you happen to notice some bare patches in your yard, look for some proprietary turfgrass or bulk grass seed at a local nursery. Also, as the leaves start to fall, although it can be pretty to look out and see a whole lot of them covering your lawn, if you leave them for too long, it can prevent your grass from getting it’s required sunlight. So, try and rake them (or use a leaf blower) about once every 10 days. Autumn is also a good time to do some pruning to your trees and bushes too.

Winter. Although you can take a bit of a break from mowing and excessive lawn care, if you do happen to live in a climate that generates a lot of snow, do be sure to apply as little de-icer on your yard as possible; the chemicals, over time, can damage it. Also, use this as the opportunity thoroughly clean your lawn care tools and to also put down some mulch around your tree trunks. It’s an effective way to “insulate” your trees and protect them from the bitter cold.

Use some organic lawn care products. Although there are a lot of lawn-care products on the market, we recommend that you go with an organic brand because it’s healthier for you as well as your lawn. For more information on organic lawn care products, visit Earth Easy, Espoma or VitaCost. They all have these kinds of items at a fairly reasonable price.

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