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by Editor on April 29, 2013

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Changes in climate are now being felt more than ever all over the world. That’s why more people are now taking action in doing their part to conserve and protect our environment. Leaving the planet in as good of manner as we found it, or preferably a better one is something that we can all aim for and achieve with a little foresight and effort. So, we’ve a number of simple tips that you can use to go green and save on energy.


Saving energy can be achieved in a number of ways. Setting a thermostat a little lower in winter, or changing to CFL bulbs can help. Unplugging appliances is also a great way to save cash and energy, while washing clothing in cold water also aids loss of money and power. These are easily done ways to save on energy and make little or no difference to the way you live.


Fossil fuels and transport are among the largest causes of our increased carbon footprint and by walking or biking you can lower them significantly. In addition telecommuting can also lower the incidence of carbon use. If you do need to take a form of fuel transport to work, consider a car sharing option or public transport.


The way you eat also impacts on the amount of carbon you use and adding just one meatless meal a week can save money and cut significantly on environmental costs. If you must eat meat, try and ensure it’s as locally sourced as you can. This saves money, cuts down on transport costs and also helps the local economy.


Water use is one of the largest areas of waste in the world. So, you can save on water by taking shorter showers, installing low flow shower heads and also by being better in the garden area.  A lot of people tend to use sprinklers during warm weather and waste water on their garden. Why not use a water bowser hire during the period and your roof to harvest water for your garden and save using mains water and causing drought?

Think and Borrow

There are lots of ways to turn borrowing in your favour in both a green manner and also a economic manner. For instance, why not use sites like Freeshare to get new items for free, saving on purchasing them and recycling at the same time. Alternatively, thrift stores and charity shops are also a great help here.

If you want to read a book or watch a movie, why not check out your local library. It means you don’t have to pay for the item and also means that the ink and paper isn’t wasted. Tool and power tool hire can save on having to purchase items and leaving them in the garage after use. It also saves on clutter.

Being a little smarter with your items allows you to save on money, carbon footprint creation and a number of other things. So, why not take the aforementioned advice on board and save.

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