5 Unique Home Decorating Ideas

by Editor on May 22, 2013

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In terms of home decorating, the options are truly endless. With a little creativity and a budget, homeowners can design the rooms in their home however they like. When decorating your home it is important to be unique. The whole idea of having a home is making it yours. For many, interior design is very important because they want to be surrounded by things that make them happy and comfortable. Here are five unique home decorating ideas to add into your space.

Wallpapered ceiling

Many people do not consider adding visual interest to their ceilings and only focus on their walls. Wallpapered ceilings are great because they are unique and can be executed in a variety of ways. One of the most visually stunning approaches is finding fun wallpaper such as branches so that when continued onto the ceiling it creates a very organic growing effect.

High Gloss Interior Doors

When designing a home many do not put much thought into their interior doors. High gloss interior doors add some glamour to an otherwise simple feature. This can be done by professionals or can be a fun DIY project to do on your own. All you need is a door, paintbrush, blue tape and of course high gloss paint in your color of choice.

Striped Wood Floor

For those who want a more permanent home decorating idea that is different and unique should consider a striped wood floor. Striped wood floors are striking and can serve as a design element all by itself. It is a great addition to a room lacking in visual interest. A striped wood floor pairs well with sleek and modern furniture.

Graphic Rugs

Adding a bold graphic pattern to your floor serves as a focal point to a room and brings everything together beautifully. When combined with amazing furniture, this is an easy way to greatly improve the look of a room and give it an update. There are endless options when it comes to graphic rugs. So many bold bright patterns are available which makes it easy to find one that suits your home. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Modern Chandelier

For those who want to add a chandelier into their home but have a more modern interior design concept, a modern chandelier is just the thing. A variety of metals, stones, and bulbs can be used to modernize this otherwise traditional fixture. If you desire a modern chandelier that no one has ever seen before you might want to consider having a custom piece made. Custom lighting fixtures are marvelous because they are created for your home and your home only.

Overall there are several unique home decorating ideas that are great additions to any space. Whether you want to add pop to your floors, be creative with lighting fixtures or add luxury by installing a high gloss door, they are perfect for enhancing the design of a home. When it comes to decorating it is important to step out of the box and add something different to the design. Uniqueness makes a home your home.

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