5 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New

by Editor on July 5, 2013


When you first had your carpet installed, you probably remember how beautiful it made the rooms in your house look. However, after months of people walking around, pets moving about and a couple of stains left from accidental spills, you’re probably wondering if there is anything that you can possibly do to make it look like new again.

The good news is that there are actually several ways to treat a worn carpet; ones that don’t require spending a lot of money or time. Just check out our five great tips for you below:

Incorporate a “no shoes” rule. When we’re walking in from outdoors, we’re tracking all kinds of dirt and debris. Therefore, something that you can easily do it keep your carpets clean is to have a “no shoes rule” in your house. Request that people either leave their shoes by the main door or immediately take them off when they walk inside and take them to their rooms. You can even put some socks in a basket for guests.

Put down some area rugs. Speaking of “high traffic”, in the areas where you know a lot of people are going to walk around, protect your carpet by putting down a few throw rugs. Not only do they add beauty and character to the rooms in your house, but they are an easy way to prevent dirt, debris, dander and spills from ultimately damaging your carpeted space.

Vacuum on a regular basis. Something that helps to keep soil from becoming embedded into your carpet is by vacuuming on a constant basis. In high-traffic spots, it’s smart to do it 2-5 times per week. For areas that don’t have a lot of traffic, once a week should be enough.

Do some on-the-spot cleaning. Whether it’s a spill that just happened or a spot that you’ve noticed after a few days, there are some things that you can use to clean your carpet that don’t have a lot of chemicals or toxins in them. You can soak the stain with club soda; wash the area with soap and water and then rinse it with a solution of ¼ cup vinegar and two cups of warm water, or you can use one part borax with two parts of cornmeal, scrub, wait for an hour and then vacuum up the mixture. You can then mix two cups of baking soda with 30 drops of lavender oil, break it up, let it sit on the carpet for 15 minutes and vacuum the space again for a fresh scent.

Have it professionally cleaned. If you checked out some of NZ carpet reviews, one of the things that you’ll probably see mentioned more than once is how important it is to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Although this is definitely the most expensive recommendation that we have made, by having someone come and tend to your carpet twice a year, you will extend the lifetime of your carpet which ultimately makes it a very wise investment. And yes, will have your carpet looking like new. Again.

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