5 Tips Set Up Your Furniture With Rugs

by Editor on May 20, 2013

Vegetable dye rug with weird animal patterns; at home

Rugs or carpets truly are multifunctional home décor items. You may define areas of your homes with attractive area rugs. Large spaces will look excellent if you deck these with lavish Persian carpets or spice up the hardwood floors with shag carpet flooring. In fact, the options you have at hand are plentiful when it comes to decking up your abode with such a great variety of area rugs.

For deriving excellent look, you need to take into consideration the sizes of rooms in your abode as well as the measurements of furniture items placed in there. Here are five amazing and helpful tips to arrange or set up the carpets in a graceful and artful manner to complement the entire furniture setup in your room.

  1. Measure the targeted area where you wish to place the rug. Place a sheet onto the floor and fold the borders under for representing the shape and size of the desired rug. You may even mark the floor area with a good masking tape for visualizing the exact placement of your carpet.
  2. Next, you ought to define the function or use of rug. For instance, people use carpets for creating a center of attraction or for pulling various design aspects of a room together and/or to define certain home décor items present in the room. Houses that have hardwood flooring often include rugs for protecting the real floors underneath, especially in high foot traffic areas or to render warm and cozy flooring surface for your feet.
  3. Keep in mind the size of your room while selecting the rug. Make sure that you leave around 10 to 18 inches of area around the borders of your room with the carpets that will cover the entire space. Work with around one foot of the space across the edges of your room and manipulated as required. Small spaces may do fine with less than that, while large areas require more perimeter area.
  4. Decide the placement of your furniture items around and on the rugs and accordingly choose the apt size rug for the area. In your living area, place frontal legs of the sofa on rug and leave the back legs. Coffee tables must fit on the rug completely. For the dining room, the chairs and tables should fit aptly on your rug when you are dining. This is because chairs or tables hanging off the borders of your rug when dining are sure to be awkward as well as uncomfortable to dine on.
  5. Assess the rug’s design for determining the best place for placing it on your existing flooring. Note that carpets with even designs are great for placing under the furniture, whereas those with adornment or any other design at the center ought to remain unobstructed so that the rug can cater as the center of attraction in your room.

So now that you are aware of these five awesome tips, it is time to deem upon them and start moving your furniture. Make the combination of furniture and area rugs attractive!

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