5 Tips For Maintaining Your Stone Floors

by Editor on May 30, 2013


Stone floors are stunning, but many homeowners are scared of the maintenance required to keep stone floors clean and beautiful. This is especially true of families with small children. With a little preventative care and light, daily maintenance, stone floors can be beautiful for many years.

Cleaning Materials

Every stone floor needs different care. One stone floor needs a certain cleaner while using that cleaner on another type of stone floor will be harmful. Bleach should never be used on any type of stone floor. It can strip stone floors of their colour completely or discolour them. It’s important to know what kind of cleaner to use on your stone floor before applying a cleaner.

Dirt Removal

It’s essential to keep dirt and sand off stone floors. Dirt and sand can wear down stone floors. Dirt and sand can grind and scratch the surface of the stone. This can create problems with holes. Sweep all dirt and sand off the stone floors with a soft-bristled broom. When mopping, it’s best to use plain water or a cleaning solution made specifically for your type of stone floor. Regular cleaning will keep your stone floor grit free and gradually remove any marks and restore your floors to their original beauty.

Protection from Furniture

A chair’s legs scrape the floor when the chair is moved. Every time a child leaves the table, the legs are scraped across the floor unless the whole chair is picked up and moved. It can make a homeowner go crazy if they have to watch everyone’s chair and remind them to stop scraping. There are felt and rubber pads that can be added to the legs of all furniture to prevent scratches and scrapes every time a chair or table is moved.

Kid Control

Kids and stone floors don’t mix well unless they have been told how important it is to keep the floors beautiful. Be prepared to remind them repeatedly about keeping the floors clean. They shouldn’t be allowed to roller skate in the house. They should be prevented from running in the house with shoes that will scrape the floor. Anything that can cause damage to the floor should be prevented. Any spills should be cleaned immediately with the proper cleaner.

Seal and Reseal

All varaities of Stone floors should be sealed to preserve the quality of the stone. The stones are installed with a sealant on them already, but that sealant should be applied regularly. How regularly depends on the wear and tear to the stone. It also depends on how much potential damage can be expected throughout the year. Most manufacturers recommend yearly. It saves the stone from needing to be replaced. If you know that your stone floor will take a beating, it should be applied more often.

Stone floors can be a beautiful addition to the home, and do not need as much maintenance and care as some might expect. Common sense and daily preventative maintenance can prolong the life of the floor.

About the Author

Written by Samantha Stevenson.  Samantha is a contractor who specializes in stone and granite repairs.

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