5 Tips for Finding Outdoor Furniture That Lasts

by Editor on July 12, 2013

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Creating an outdoor living space is a wonderful way to bring the comfort and function of indoor living into your yard. You will be able to enjoy nature and fresh air in a great atmosphere. Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture can sometimes ware with weather and the elements. You need to find furniture that will not tarnish, rust, or splinter over time so that you can actually enjoy using the furniture you choose! Friends and family will be jumping to come over for your next barbeque party if you follow these 5 tips for finding outdoor furniture that lasts!

  1. Make sure the furniture you buy is of good quality. No matter which material you choose, it should be weatherproof or weatherized. This information is sometimes advertised. Even so, do your own inspection. Look to see if anything is chipping or cracking on the furniture; it will only get worse with time and pressure. Sometimes it is best to spend a little bit more to get a higher quality product that will withstand rain, sun, wind and other elements outside.
  2. Determine which material is best for your needs and style preferences. Aluminum or plastic are ideal for some individuals. These are easy to clean with a wet cloth or sponge. Plus, they are lightweight, which makes them easy to store or move around as desired. Also, they will not rust. You may also choose steel, which is heavier and can withstand heavy winds. If you choose this material, you need to be sure it is weatherproofed or you must maintain it by painting I regularly so that the elements do not ruin the furniture quality. Wicker is another option that is also light. Coat these in resin for protection and be sure to weatherproof them every so often as needed. Finally, wood makes for a great, stylish look in any backyard space. Wood, if not properly maintained and treated can splinter and ware over time. Make sure the furniture is stained and sanded and also protected from UV damage. Ideal outdoor woods are teak, cedar or cypress because they can withstand the elements and resist damage best over time.
  3. Choose furniture you will actually want to sit in. Comfort is key otherwise you won’t actually utilize your outdoor space! There are so many furniture options available on the market and many of them are narrow and uncomfortable. Make sure seat and tables are at appropriate heights so that you don’t’ have to sink down or climb up out of them. When searching for an ideal chair, actually sit in it for a while in the store to get a good feel for it. Could you sit here and relax for a couple of hours with friends? If so, it may be a good option for you!
  4. Aside from seating and table surfaces another important thing to consider when finding lasting furniture is an umbrella. These can protect your furniture from the harmful rays of the sun and you as well! Providing your guests with shade will make outdoor living much more enjoyable. Look for a high quality outdoor umbrella. Be sure it is sturdy enough to withstand wind without tipping over and potentially harming others or damaging surrounding furniture. You can choose from various umbrella colors. Also you can choose umbrellas make of wood or aluminum. Just be sure it can withstand the elements.
  5. Finally, fabrics can make an outdoor space feel extra plush and comfy! However, bringing out your living room pillows and throws is not a good idea! Instead look for pillows and cushions that are specifically meant for outdoor use. These are made to repel water with all-weather materials and textiles. This helps prevent moisture from building up inside because these fabrics dry quickly and are extra porous. Also, they don’t fade easily with sun exposure so they will be sure to last and stand the test of time.

Designing your outdoor space is a great way to enjoy your yard for frequently and comfortably. You can find quality furniture that suits your style at patioshoppers.com or any local home and garden design center! Be sure to purchase quality outdoor furniture that is made out of great materials, which are meant, for outdoor use and exposure to sun, rain, wind and more. Then, sit back and relax

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