5 Tips for Eliminating Insects and Pests in Your Yard

by Editor on September 7, 2013

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Pest and insects will naturally gravitate to your garden or outdoor living space in your back yard. Not only can these bugs be irritating when you are trying to enjoy being outside, but they can also harm the plants in your yard space as well. Here are 5 tips to help you eliminate insects and pests in your yard for healthier plants and a happier home.

  1. Invite “predatory” insects into your yard. Certain bugs are actually great to have around because they prey on harmful pests. Ladybugs, spiders, and even bees are actually great to have in your yard. They will limit the presence of other insects like mosquitoes or other bugs that eat or destroy plants in your yard. You can attract predatory insects to your yard with plants such as Queen Anne’s Lace. Spiders will also help to catch theses pests, so think twice before swatting down a spider web you see in your yard.
  2. Another common yard issue is a presence of mosquitoes. These are not only annoying, but they also leaving irritating bites and can carry serious viruses such as West Nile. Protect yourself and your family by clearing any still water in your yard. Stagnant water provides mosquitoes with an ideal breeding ground where they can lay their eggs and multiply in your space. To avoid this, ensure that you empty anything in your yard that collects rainwater such as empty pots or the gutters on your home. If you have a hot tub or Jacuzzi, make sure to keep the chlorine levels a bit higher when they are not in use to ensure mosquitoes don’t take up residence inside.
  3. If you have an ant problem in your yard, you can try leading the bugs away from your yard. Start a regular routine until the problem is solves. Begin by placing crumbs out in front of the ants and make a trail leading away from your property to another location such as the woods, your garbage, or the street. At that location lay a candy bar or something sweet at the end so that the ants will be attracted to it. Over time this constant incentive will convince them to move out of your yard and to this new, candy-filled location.
  4. Purchase a commercial pest spray for your home and for your yard. These sprays can help deter pests all around your home. While some come with heavy chemicals, you can find organic options that are safer for your family but just as effective in removing bugs. You can even make your own repellent out of substances such as nicotine, citrus or witch hazel. If you don’t have kids, Borax can also be effective if sprinkled along the outside of your house or in your yard.
  5. If bugs irritate you and your guests while spending time outside, a fun, decorative, and effective way to repel pests is to put up tiki-torches with citronella candles in them. Citronella smells great and the candles actually add some nice mood lighting, especially in the evening. These torches and candles can be spread out near your seating area to act a barrier to keep biting bugs at bay while you enjoy time spent outside.

Before calling a company likeĀ forsyth exterminating, try to solve these pest problems on your own first. Sometimes professional help may be necessary, but in most cases you can use these tips to help reduce or eliminate pest and insect presence in your yard quickly and effectively.

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