5 Tips for Easy and Effective Home Lawn Care

by Editor on October 13, 2013

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Virtually all of us have driven past someone’s yard before and found ourselves admiring how good it looked. The grass was green, the trees and shrubs were trimmed and everything about the front lawn appeared to be well-manicured.

And while the owner of that particular yard may have hired a professional landscaper, the good news is that you can actually create your own amazing lawn all on your own. We have five easy and effective lawn care tips to help you achieve some pretty great results below:

Mow your lawn regularly. The first thing that you need to make sure that you do is mow your lawn on a consistent basis. Usually, that’s about once every 2-3 weeks although in the summertime, you may have to do it more frequently. Speaking of the summer season, one way to prevent your grass from looking dry and brown is to adjust the setting of your mower so that the grass is a bit taller between July-August. By doing that, it will provide additional shade to the soil which means that the dirt that your grass grows out of will stay moist longer. Also, as you’re cutting your grass, don’t forget to trim your trees and bushes too.

Water your lawn. Speaking of having moist soil, a huge mistake that many people make with their lawns is they depend solely on Mother Nature and the rain to provide their yards with the hydration that it needs. However, it’s actually a good idea to have some sprinklers that have a timer on them so that you can water your lawn for a few minutes every evening.

Remove the weeds on your lawn. Without question, an enemy of a healthy lawn is weeds. You can easily tackle them by applying some weed control, especially during the late summer and fall seasons. If you’d like to apply a natural solution for removing weeds, a combination of white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and water should do the trick. You can get a great homemade weed killer recipe by going to Garden-Counselor-Lawn-Care.com and putting “vinegar weed killer” in the search field.

Leave your clippings on the ground. Say that you went to a website like Cutting Edge Grass to get some seed for your lawn and it’s starting to grow in nicely. Well, did you know that if you actually leave the grass clippings on the ground after you cut your lawn that it can help to make your yard look even better? The process is actually called “grasscycling” and it’s an effective way to save money on fertilizer as well as time when it comes to raking the clippings up.

Do not park on the grass. Sure, this tip might seem like a pretty obvious one but you might be surprised by how many people still overlook it. When you park on the grass instead of in your driveway, over time, it does damage to your lawn. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid doing it and that you request that your guests don’t do it either. Also, make sure to inspect your yard at least once a week to see if there is any litter that needs to be thrown away. If you follow all of these tips, we are confident that you will have a beautiful looking yard; one that others will drive past an admire!

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