5 Tips for Choosing the Right Range Hood for Your Kitchen

by Editor on November 19, 2013

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A range hood is an integral component of any home kitchen. Not only does it add an element of style and design, but it an also improve the quality of the air in your home and reduce overheating in your kitchen by keeping your space well ventilated. If you are in the market for a new range hood, here are 5 tips for choosing the right one for your kitchen.

1.  First, determine where you want to place your hood. This will depend on where you will be cooking and where you need the most ventilation. In most cases with will be directly over your stovetop. Sometimes you may want to install the range over a freestanding island in your kitchen. In other cases it may be wall mounted. Knowing your kitchen needs will help you narrow down the selection pool so that you can find the right range for your kitchen.

2.  Decide which range hood features are most important to you. Some range hoods provide you with the basics and will simply filter and remove smoke, grease, steam, pollutants and more. Other models have fancier features and additions such as lights, timers, hooks, sound buffers, and high-powered fans. Consider which features you will use regularly and which are unnecessary.

3.  Next you will need to think about how often and how much your cook to determine the strength of the range hood vents. If you cook minimally, you will likely only need a hood that can move air at a rate of 200-300 cubic feet per minute however, if you cook multiple times per day and really use your kitchen often, something between 250 and 400 cubic feet per minute would be more appropriate and effective. Look at your stove manual to see what they recommend for range hoods that are compatible with your stove model.

4.  Measure the area where you will be installing your hood. There is nothing worse than buying a model and brining it home to find it is much to big or too small for the area over your stove. Measure ahead of time so that you can measure models in the store and guarantee a perfect fit. The hood width should match the width of the cooking surface and the distance from the bottom of the hood to the surface of the stove should be at least 18-24 inches.

5.  Finally you will need to choose the style that is right for you! Try to find a hood in a material that matches other appliances in your kitchen such as stainless steel. In other cases you may want a range hood that stands out in a flashy copper tone. You can also choose from a variety of hood shapes such as a canopy, a concealed option under the cupboard, or a slide out version. This is the fun part and it depends completely on your design and style preferences.

When shopping for a new range hood at a local hardware store or Range Hoods Inc. , all of these tips will help prepare you for the shopping and installation process. Be sure to determine what kind of hood you want, where it will be placed, what kinds of features you need and want, how often you cook, how large the space is as well as the style you prefer when shopping for a range hood.

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